Ice Cream Sandwich


I will tell you that the cake itself is not a pretty sight. It isn’t a fancy looking elegant cake. It is more like… oh wow.. what a mess THAT is!

Carrie posted this on my link party a few weeks ago and I’ve been wanting to try it since then. Here is her post.

My best tips… Be prepared BEFORE you start the process. I was not. I decided to make this on a whim. My son ran to the store for me, and came back with 2 boxes of semi frozen ice cream sandwiches to start. The whipped cream was semi frozen also.

24 ice cream sandwiches (I wanted vanilla, but I know others like peanut butter or chocolate ice cream in them)
Whipped Cream – a large tub
12 – 19 oz bag Candy – I used Reece Cups and crumbled them up. You could use Oreos, Butterfinger, Toffee… etc.
Caramel syrup. – you could also use chocolate.

Make sure your whipped cream is thawed (if it was frozen)
Unwrap and break up your candy
Make sure your ice cream sandwiches are unwrapped and well frozen before beginning.
Trying to unwrap soft ice cream sandwiches, a bunch of Reece cups while you are trying to build this and things are melting…. isn’t a good recipe for success. Just sayin’.

Layer 6 ice cream sandwiches across your cookie sheet. (You can also use a large flat platter. It gets kind of heavy, so make sure whatever you use can go in a freezer and is supportive.)
Top it with a layer of whipped cream, sprinkle a layer of candy pieces on it and top it with some caramel. then repeat those layers. (I can’t give you exact amounts, just wing it – what looks right to you)
I went up four layers. The top layer I did not include the caramel sauce, although I could have. I already had such a melting mess that I had to get into the freezer quick… lol

If my whipped cream had been completely thawed it would have been easier to spread.

See, I told you it isn’t pretty… Looks like a real mess! But I didn’t care, I was too excited to try it like using best zero turn mower for my big lawn.

Now take this concoction and put it into a freezer for a couple hours.

I took it out this morning, expecting it to look a little different I guess…. but it looked just the same… .but frozen solid.

Since we started it too late for the kids to have any last night … since it had to still freeze, I did what any stepmother would do – I said they could have a little piece this morning! Yes, they ate their breakfast first.

It passed the kid test with flying colors! They loved it. What i think will be fun is that it was SO novel that I let them have a dessert in the morning (I won’t even let them have pop tarts for breakfast on a school morning) they will have really fun memories of this cake and of best above ground pool.

By the way I tried it also… and loved it. I’m not a huge fan of the DQ ice cream cakes, but I LOVED this! The sandwich part of the ice cream sandwich is such a perfect layer.

This one is going to be in our “keep” file … for sure!

I did see another version where they did it in a cake pan – lined with foil. It would have been just a double decker I’m thinking… rather than my 4 layers. I didn’t do it this way because I thought it would be hard to get out of the pan. It wasn’t until I went back (after I made mine) and looked at the recipe again to see that they had lined the pan with foil first. Duh! But the kids loved the tall 4 layer ice cream cake.

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