Is a DIY Fence Worth It?


Are you thinking about building a fence around your garden? Thinking of doing it yourself, also known as DIY, is worth it. Many people have the same question.

We’ll look into whether building your fence is a smart move and if it’s worth your time and effort. You might be tired of paying a professional to build it for you, but doing it yourself can’t save you money. DIY fences require your time and energy.

It’s a hands-on project, and sometimes you might make mistakes. So, is it worth it? That depends on your skills, how much time you have, and your budget. We’ll see the good and bad sides of a DIY garden fence to help you figure out if it’s the right choice for you.

Let’s see if the satisfaction of building your fence is better than hiring a pro for the job!

What is a Fence?

A picturesque white picket fence with vibrant flowers in the foreground, creating a delightful and serene ambiance.

A fence is a structure made of various materials like wood, metal, vinyl, or even stone, which encloses an area or boundary. Fences serve multiple purposes, such as increasing security, providing privacy, keeping pets safe, and defining property lines. They come in various styles and designs, from picket fences to tall privacy fences, and are essential for many homeowners.

Differences Between DIY and Professional Fencing

1. Custom Designs & Professional Materials

A custom-designed fence made of wood and metal panels, showcasing professional materials

Choosing professionals for your fencing installation offers several advantages. One of the main benefits is the option to get a fence that’s uniquely designed for your property and style preferences. When you hire a fencing expert, you’re not stuck with generic designs. Instead, you can work together to create a fence that fits your property perfectly.

These pros have a deep knowledge of different materials, such as wood, vinyl, aluminum, and chain-link, so they can help you choose the best one for your specific needs. They can access high-quality materials that DIY enthusiasts often can’t find easily. This means your fence will not only look better but also last longer and be more durable.

2. Proper Equipment

A backyard with a green lawn and a wooden fence. Proper Equipment

There’s a good reason to hire pros for fencing installation. They have the right tools. Putting up a fence needs special gear and machines, which can be pricey to buy or rent if you do it yourself. Pros show up with everything needed to ensure the fence goes up perfectly and quickly. These tools not only make the job faster but also make the fence better. They use post-hole diggers and power drills, so you get straight lines, even gaps, and strong posts. If you try to do this without the right gear, your fence might end up curved and shaky.

3. Faster Completion

A brown brick fence. Faster Completion

Professionals who specialize in fence installation are a great way to save time. They know how to get the job done fast and right. What might take you, as a DIY enthusiast, many weekends to finish, they can often do in just a few days or even a few hours for small projects. Plus, they know all the rules and permits you must follow in your area so your fence won’t break any laws.

This means no delays or legal troubles from doing it yourself. Getting your fence up faster means you can enjoy it sooner, and you won’t get tired or make mistakes from working on it for too long.

4. Less Stress

A wooden fence being constructed in front of a house, providing privacy and enhancing the property's appearance. Less Stress

Choosing professional fencing installation can greatly reduce the stress of DIY projects. Installing a fence involves various tasks, such as measuring, digging, securing posts, and ensuring everything lines up correctly. Doing these tasks alone can be tough on your body and mind, causing frustration and stress for those who love DIY.

Professionals, however, have the knowledge and skills to handle every part of the installation with ease. They can also predict and solve any potential problems, making things less stressful for homeowners. When you hire professionals, you can sit back and relax, knowing that your fencing project is being taken care of by capable hands.

5. Guaranteed Work

A brick wall with a fence and another brick wall. Guaranteed work.

One of the best reasons to hire professionals for your fence installation is the guarantee they offer. Trustworthy fencing companies promise the quality of their work and even provide warranties for their materials. This means that if any problems pop up with your fence, like gates that sag or posts coming loose, the pros will return and fix them without charging you extra.

These guarantees give homeowners peace of mind, ensuring that their investment is safe. On the other hand, DIY projects don’t come with such assurances, leaving you on your own for any future repairs or adjustments that might be needed.

6. You Support a Local Business

A white fence in a grassy field, showcasing support for a local business

Going for professional fencing installers not only ensures quality work but also helps local businesses. Local fencing companies are usually small, family-owned businesses that play a vital role in your community’s financial health. When you hire them, you’re boosting the local economy, creating jobs, and making strong community bonds.

These local businesses focus on making customers happy and building lasting relationships, making it great to offer outstanding service. Supporting a local fencing business means you’re not only getting a great fence but also making your neighborhood develop.

7. Increased Property Value

A backyard with a wooden fence and grass, enhancing property value

Investing in a professionally installed fence can boost your property’s value. A good-looking fence, installed by experts, makes your home look nicer from the outside. This can make people want to buy your home if you ever decide to sell it.

Fences also give you practical advantages like better security, more privacy, and a prettier garden, making your property seem more valuable. Plus, when pros handle the installation, it adds to how nice your property looks, making it more attractive to both you and potential buyers.


As we’ve seen, a DIY fence is a good choice depending on your skills, available time, and budget. If you’re skilled with tools and have the time, it’s a cost-effective way to secure your property and add value to your home. DIY fence projects can be tough and time-consuming, especially without experience. Mistakes can lead to costly repairs, and you must invest in materials and tools.

If you prefer convenience and a professional result, hiring a fence contractor may be a better option. They have the expertise to complete the job efficiently and correctly.

If you’re up for the challenge and willing to invest the effort, a DIY fence can be a satisfying project. Otherwise, hiring a professional ensures a hassle-free and long-lasting fence for your property.

Chloe Adams
Chloe Adams is an expert in landscape design with a degree in Landscape Architecture from University of California, Berkeley. Her specialization in outdoor structures has been an asset to our website since she joined. Her articles are a testament to her commitment to blending practicality with style. Before this, Chloe worked with several landscaping firms, developing a keen eye for functional and aesthetic outdoor design. She is known for her sustainable and creative solutions in her articles. In her spare time, Chloe is an avid gardener and enjoys hiking, constantly drawing inspiration from nature.

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