Kitchen Hood Repair: The Most Common Breakdowns


It is possible that the kitchen hood does not turn on or for some reason loses its functionality. Properly installed equipment from a well-known brand will properly draw air, ensuring its maximum cleaning. However, under certain conditions, even such a device may collapse and stop working properly, causing the following consequences:

  • a considerable share of vapours and odours will remain in the room;
  • some functions of the device will be unavailable;
  • the appliance will stop switching on.

If serious malfunctions are detected, it is worth calling professionals near me, able to perform a quick appliance repair in Ottawa. The above problems, however, may not always be the result of serious malfunctions that require special knowledge. When they are detected, it is always necessary to resort to the simplest solutions. According to this rule, if the device refuses to turn on or fails to clean the air, the most likely reasons are the following:

  • lack of electricity in the network can also cause electric gates to failure
  • clogging of filters;
  • no draft in the ventilation duct of the building;
  • failed light bulbs in the absence of built-in lighting.

Key Malfunctions to Call Your Master

If the appliance does not start, the first candidate for the test is the mains voltage. For this purpose, a multimeter or another household appliance for testing is used. Only after making sure that the voltage is sufficient, you can proceed to check the internal malfunctions of the device. Signs of the failure will be traces of burning, melting, swelling, etc.

When all the mentioned elements of electrical equipment are working, there is most likely a break inside the engine. In this case, it is recommended to replace the part with a similar one. Engine failure rarely happens, especially if you have reliable, branded devices. For example, the Spanish Cata or the Slovenian Gorenje are unlikely to have such problems.

An experienced user will immediately feel that the hood stopped eliminating unpleasant odours. The kitchen is quickly filled with smells that are felt not only in a cooking zone. The most probable cause of such discomfort is the untimely cleaning of filters. Cleaning them should fix the situation.

Malfunction Prevention

Obviously, repairing a broken kitchen hood where you cooked squirrels once with your own hands is not easy. But it is better to prevent malfunctions. To do this, follow the basic rules that will help extend the life of the device:

  • regularly clean grease and carbon filters at least once in several months;
  • do not use the hood when the stove is not working;
  • turn on the appliance a couple of minutes before the start of cooking and turn it off 15 minutes after the end.

These simple recommendations plus instructions from the manufacturer will help the users to protect their devices from failure, ensure their long-term operation and a comfortable atmosphere in the kitchen.

Sandy Jensen
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