The 15 Best Affordable Resort Chains in the United States


The United States is the most fascinating of countries. There is everything there, from sunny hot beaches to chilly winter resorts. So no matter what kind of vacation you’re looking for, the US has it there for you, whenever you want it. Of course, the trick with an American vacation is not just where you stay in terms of location, but where you stay in terms of the many resorts that are available. Choosing well can be the difference between a great vacation and a mediocre one. With that in mind, here are fifteen of the best affordable resort chains in the United States, giving you the chance of the best vacation possible.

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Source: Instagram, posted on March 1 2022, Westgate Resorts’ official profile.

1. Westgate Resorts

Luxury on a budget.

When it comes to great resorts in the US, Westgate has to be on the list. This is the kind of resort that looks expensive and luxurious, but that can fit in with any budget, allowing you to enjoy your vacation in style without spending all your money on a room. All Westgate hotels have onsite restaurants, rooms with all the latest amenities, and many have pools too. They are all located in ideal spots for you to sight-see to your heart’s content.

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Source: Instagram, posted on April 21 2021, Super 8’s official profile.

2. Super 8

Hotels not motels.

If you really want to find affordable when it comes to the resorts you stay in when you’re in the US, Super 8 won’t disappoint. A lot of the time you’ll find that the price per night is less than $50, and the fact that this accommodation is a hotel not a motel makes it a cut above others when it comes to places to stay in that price range. It may not be the most opulent room, but it’s comfortable, safe, and the staff are courteous.

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Source: Instagram, posted on September 8 2020, Travelodge’s official profile.

3. Travelodge


Perhaps you want something more traditional in your resorts when you’re looking for a place to stay in the US. In that case, Travelodge could be the answer you’re searching for. The great thing about Travelodge is that the firm is a family-friendly one, so you’ll know your entire family will be welcomed when you pick one to stay in. Even your dog will be allowed in some locations (although you’ll need to check first).

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Source: Instagram, posted on August 8 2018, Econo Lodge Inn Mesa’s official profile.

4. Econo Lodge

Free breakfast.

The Econo Lodge resorts have a lot to recommend them as the ideal place to stay when you need accommodation in America. One of those things is that you’ll receive a free breakfast for every day of your stay, something that is becoming rarer these days. You’ll also find that most Econo Lodges are close to main roads, making them easy to access and easy to use as a base to explore, and can be easily cleaned by snow blowers.

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Source: Instagram, posted on November 16 2021, Motel 6’s official profile.

5. Motel 6

Affordable and simple.

Motel 6 is definitely one of the more affordable resorts in the US. It doesn’t have quite as many facilities as some of the other hotel chains on this list, but don’t let that put you off – sometimes simpler is better. It really depends on what you’re looking for in your accommodation and if comfortable, clean rooms and friendly service are on your list, you’ll certainly get it at Motel 6. Don’t forget the free breakfast too, making your budget stretch even further.

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Source: Instagram, posted on December 18 2020, Day Inn’s official profile.

6. Days Inn

Onsite pools and restaurants.

In terms of budget, Days Inn will be on the higher end, but that higher price will get you some more amenities and ensure you are in all the best locations, so you’ll need to consider just what is most important to you when choosing resorts in America. Days Inn rooms are usually big, and you’ll often find onsite pools, restaurants, and bars to enjoy while you’re there. When you look at the all-important rankings, you’ll find that Days Inn offers guests great value for money, even if it is a little more expensive than some other resorts.

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Source: Instagram, posted on August 4 2021, Sleep Inn_ADK’s official profile.

7. Sleep Inn by Choice Hotels

Modern and stylish.

When you see a Sleep Inn by Choice Hotels advertised, you might be forgiven for thinking that it’s just for business travelers – that’s where they aim their ads, after all. However, although that is their main market, the Sleep Inn resorts cater to all, and they’re actually a great choice for solo sightseers, family trips, and everything else you might need when you’re on vacation. With a free buffet breakfast and wifi in all areas of the hotel, you’ll be able to entertain yourself however you want to. Add to this the fact that there are pools in most Sleep Inns, as well as onsite fitness centers, and you’ll see why the Sleep Inn is a great choice.

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Source: Instagram, posted on March 2 2022, Residence Inn Tallahassee’s official profile.

8. Residence Inn

Full kitchens included.

Sometimes you want more than a bedroom in a hotel. Sometimes you’ll be looking for a home from home when you’re searching the best affordable resorts in America, and when you need that, you may well need the Residence Inn brand. The Residence Inn by Marriott offers you a lot for your money, including full kitchens in every suite. There is also a large living area, comfortable bedroom, and space to work – or play. These hotels tend to be located near to conference centers or business parks, but they are open to all guests, and all guests will find them very desirable indeed.

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Source: Instagram, posted on January 28 2022, NPTI Florida’s official profile.

9. InTown Suites

Discounts for extended stays.

Maybe you’re on vacation. Maybe you’re on an extended stay somewhere for work or pleasure. No matter which of these reasons you have for traveling through America, you’ll find that the InTown Suites offers you everything you might need. In terms of affordable resorts, InTown Suites certainly delivers. The prices range from low to middle and this will depend on where the hotel is situated – some locations are more pricey than others. However, you’ll still find great value for money no matter which location you opt for if you also opt for the InTown Suites resorts. What you can count on at the InTown Suites is comfort and security – and there are discounts for longer stays, so don’t forget to ask.

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Source: Instagram, posted on December 9 2020, Motel 6’s official profile.

10. Studio 6

Close to all amenities.

We’ve already mentioned Motel 6 on this list, but don’t get confused – Studio 6 is different. Having said that, Studio 6 is an offshoot of Motel 6, but for longer stays, so you can choose which of the resorts is going to work best for you. They both offer the same level of style and comfort, and because this is such a well-known brand, you really do know what you’re going to get which is something many people appreciate more than they might initially realize. Locations for Studio 6s tend to be close to all the main sights, including town centers, meaning you can take your pick when it comes to good restaurants and days out. If you want to book a stay at the Studio 6, you’ll need to check out the Motel 6 website and go from there.

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Source: Instagram, posted on December 29 2020, America’s Best Value Inn’s official profile.

11. America’s Best Value Inn

Free wifi.

In terms of affordable resorts that are comfortable and enjoyable to stay in, the name America’s Best Value Inn really does say a lot. It’s a bold claim to make in your name, but one that stands up when you consider the price of a room and what you get for your money. You don’t have to endure bad service just because you’re not paying very much to stay somewhere, and America’s Best Value Inn is proof of that. Most of the hotels in the chain offer free continental breakfast, free wifi, free parking, and plenty of TV channels to relax to. Locations are convenient too, being near to interstate and highway exits, they are easy to find and make perfect bases for your vacation.

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Source: Instagram, posted on February 15 2022, Baymont Inn Greenwood’s official profile.

12. Baymont Inn & Suites

A Wyndham chain of resorts.

The Baymont Inn & Suites resort chain is part of the Wyndham family of hotels, so you already know you’re onto a good thing – you can rest assured that you’ll be well taken care of. The customer service at the Baymont Suites is something that has been noted again and again in reviews as being hugely impressive, so if being treated well is important to you – as it should be – the Baymont Inn & Suites could be the ideal choice for your US trip.

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Source: Instagram, posted on January 23 2022, Drury Hotel’s official profile.

13. Drury Hotels

150 hotels in 25 states.

When you consider what you really get for your money at the Drury chain of hotel resorts, you’ll see why it often outclasses many of its competitors – free facilities are something it prides itself on, making a stay in a Drury hotel easy and comfortable for all. There are 150 hotels in 25 states, making it easy to find one to stay in, and that’s a good idea because of the free hot breakfast, free snacks and drinks, and even a free happy hour which includes alcoholic beverages.

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Source: Instagram, posted on April 2 2022, Langham Hotels’ official profile.

14. Langham Hotels

Michelin-starred restaurants.

It’s true that the Langham Hotels chain of resorts is at the higher end of many budgets, but if you want to treat yourself on your American adventure, this is the ideal place to do it. You’ll find Michelin-starred restaurants, bars, and plenty of other amenities at many of the resorts, and that means you can enjoy some luxury and style.

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Source: Instagram, posted on March 6 2022, Home2 Suites’ official profile.

15. Home2 Suites

Kitchenettes in suites.

If you’re looking to save money when you’re on vacation, Home2 Suites by Hilton is certainly an option for you. Each room offers you plenty to like, including a kitchenette – this will save you more money as you don’t have to eat out every night. You can even have pets to stay in these rooms, so you don’t have to leave anyone out of your vacation.

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