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Light up your Dark Garage with LED shop lights!


A dark garage takes away from the serviceability of the space. A well-lit garage is more habitable and can be used for purposes other than just parking your car. This doesn’t mean that you start using t8 grow lights on your garage. Not only is a garage a great space for a workshop, it can also be utilized for storage, as a home office and a workstation for your DIY projects. If you have a dark garage, you can amp up the lighting in the place and make it more useful.

Introducing more sunlight into your garage is not always possible. Most garages do not have adequately sized windows, and even if you opt for garage doors that have windows in them, they still only let in enough light in the afternoons. So unless you are willing to spend on major renovation and install larger windows in your garage, natural light is not the best solution.

A more effective and inexpensive solution to light up your garage is installing garage LED lighting. However, to make sure that you get the lighting arrangement done properly, you should take the following aspects under consideration:

Overhead Lighting

For general illumination of your garage space, consider overhead lighting option. LED shop lights are excellent for this purpose. As most garages are usually dark, good overhead LED lighting will brighten up the entire space, making it a great place to work. Other options can be garage ceiling lights or even wall bracket lights.

Check for Dark corners and Niches in your garage

After you’ve installed LED shop lights and taken care of the overhead lighting, you must check for any dark corners or blind spots. Sometimes the bright overhead lights cast dark shadows with shelving units or other installations. You can then opt for LED strip lights or in-floor lighting to brighten up your garage further. Individual LED bulbs can also be used to illuminate dark corners of the garage.

Focal Lights for workspaces or counters

If one of the reasons you want a brighter garage is to use if for arts, crafts, woodworking, or other DIY projects, consider focal lighting for the workspace. Hanging lights cast shadows and may not be the most suitable option for a workbench. Consider smaller flood lights or LED strip lights for this purpose.

Don’t forget about your storage areas

Garages are often used for storage of machines like craftsman snow blower and house many cabinets and shelving. Often these shelves and deeper cabinets can be very dark as the light cannot penetrate in them. You can easily rectify this problem by installing some lights inside your storage cabinets and shelves. This way you won’t need a flashlight to rummage through them to find what you need. Some LED bulbs can be attached to the inside or near the cabinets to illuminate all the contents and make them visible.

These tips will help you introduce lots of light into your otherwise dark garage space. The best thing about garage lighting is that it can be done quite economically and give great results. LED lights are also economical when it comes to power consumption so you won’t see any increase in your electricity bills either. It’s a win-win all around.

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