Making BBQ Smores: Different Ways and Tips

Making BBQ Smores: Different Ways and Tips

Whenever you think about campfires and desserts, what comes to your mind? Grill-prepped s’mores, right? Bbq smores are easy to make and get ready in minutes.

Even if the recipe seems like a no-brainer, there are a few ways to make them, and they are all distinct and delicious. Smores is everyone’s childhood favorite.

Traditionally, they are made by roasting marshmallows on a fire, which are then sandwiched between two biscuits with the help of melted chocolate.

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Every person has a different way of making bbq smores. No matter which way you choose to make them, there is no doubt that they are the perfect sandwiches.

People think that BBQ smores can only be made one at a time, so they hesitate in making smores a part of their BBQs. Some methods do not take a lot of time.

How to Make BBQ Smores on a Grill

S'Mores on the Grill 2

You will need some items before you start making smores on your backyard barbecue. Firstly, you can arrange any grill.

It can be big or small, charcoal or gas. The more important thing required is temperature control because you will need to prevent the smores from melting.

If you are unable to control the temperature, you should keep a close eye on the smores’ squishiness

An old school traditional campfire can also be planned. Aluminum foil is the only item that makes a difference between traditional smores (classic stick-and-campfire) and smores on the grill.

How much aluminum foil you need will depend upon how many smores you are making. Then the usual ingredient- graham crackers. 

Again, how many you need will depend on how many people will be eating, but you will need at least one graham cracker for one s’more.

A large graham cracker is usually broken into two parts to get two squares. If you have the graham crackers with a sugary coating, you should turn the sugar side inwards.

Chocolate is another essential ingredient that we need. People prefer a chocolate bar like Hershey’s as they are easy to size.

Others use chunks of sweet chocolate. Whichever you choose, make sure you have enough to fill one of the two graham crackers.

Some people also prefer putting peanut buttercup inside the chocolate. Peanut butter holds the chocolate in place.

You can also use Nutella and caramel-chocolate to add a twist. And lastly, you will want jumbo marshmallows.

Some people may even use cookie dough in place of marshmallows, but the classic jumbo size seems perfect.

Steps to Make BBQ Smores Yourself

  • The best temperature is medium with indirect heat. You do not want to allow the hot grill to consume your smores to ash, so you need to control the temperature. If you do not have direct control, keep a spatula in hand.
  • Layout a section from your foil and prepare it first to get an idea of how much you need.
  • Start with one of the graham crackers, add your chocolate on the bottom, and then follow with the marshmallow and the second half of the cracker. The arrangement is straightforward. Our fundamental aim is to build the smores now rather than later.
  • Wrap your smores. Try to keep all the sides even, but you can have a thicker size due to fold over.

Lastly, set your grill to a medium temperature with indirect heat and put your smores into about 3 to 5 minutes. If you have a second level on your grill, it will work correctly.

The foil should not be in direct contact with flames. Keep an eye on how dull the smores are without having to unwrap them. This can be done by taking a spatula and pressing down lightly on the top of the foil.

If it provides any resistance, the marshmallow inside has not softened enough. If you do not find any bouncing back, the smores are probably done.

Keep in mind not letting the temperature increase too much, or the foil-wrapped bundle will explode in ash.

This process can be repeated. Making smores is a bit tricky, so you need to use appropriate protection to avoid burn. 

What is Indirect Grilling?

Indirect grilling is a setup to make bbq smores that creates oven-like heat and is excellent for more massive heat or food pieces that need gentle cooking.

You can easily prepare an indirect grilling setup at home, provided you have a grill. Arrange coals on one side of the grill and place food on the other.

It would help if you cooked with the lid on. You can also preheat a gas grill with high, then lower heat on one side to medium-low. 

How to Make Traditional Smores?

S'Mores on the Grill

Take a sweet cinnamon-flavored graham cracker and break it in half. You have created the bottom and top of the sandwich. Buy a chocolate bar and unwrap it. 

Make a few pieces and layer them on the top of one of the cracker halves. Find a stick; the stick should be challenging and sturdy, and long enough to keep your hand safe from the fire. 

Roast the marshmallow with the help of the stick. It would help if you had patience. The marshmallows should be about 6 to 8 inches above the fire and strictly not in the flame. Rotate the stick slowly above the heat to get a delicately crisp and molten center.

The more time this process takes, the squishier and more delicious the center will be. It usually takes around 4 minutes to make a perfect golden roasted marshmallow.

Next, take the marshmallow while it is on the stick and lay it on the other side of the graham cracker with chocolate. 

Now take the other half and cover the marshmallow, pressing down firmly. Pull out the stick; the heat from the marshmallow will melt the chocolate.

How to Make Smores in the Microwave?

BBQ smores are delicious, but sometimes you cannot wait for that sweet taste. If you want to make smores fast, you can make them with the help of a microwave.

The recipe is straightforward and makes perfect smores. 

Arrange a paper towel and place one graham cracker broken into half on it. Top with a piece of chocolate and marshmallow. Microwave at medium in 10 seconds interval until marshmallow puffs.

As soon as you see the marshmallow melting, immediately top it with the remaining graham cracker and gently press it. Repeat this process for each several.

How to Make Smores on an Air Fryer

Just like the marshmallow air, fire smores are also delicious and can be made in seconds. The additional benefit is they also get the perfect bit of tastiness that you expect from a campfire.

Break a graham cracker in half and place one jumbo marshmallow on one. Air fry for about 1 minute at 165-degree c.

Next, top one half with chocolate and cook for another minute.

How to make smores on the stove.

When you are stuck on the road, you can use your stove to get that great Smores flavor.

Place a piece of chocolate bar on the graham cracker and use a long rod to toast a marshmallow on the stove on high heat.

Rotate frequently. Do not tilt the rod downwards. Next, place the toasted marshmallow over the graham cracker and gently press them together. Remove the rod at last.

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