Which Country Uses Chicken the Most?

which is widely recognized as the most popular poultry worldwide.

Everyone is becoming health conscious along with the luxurious food taste and flavor. The chicken is gaining popularity from so many angles, meeting these demands. With this, chicken is gaining fame globally, and people are enjoying it in restaurants and taking it to their homes. So, it is harder to understand which countries use the chicken most.

No worries. We have curated this post for you to know more about this crucial study, data, and things related to the chicken.

So keep reading if you want to know more about the chicken’s popularity. In this post, we have covered which country uses chicken most.

Chicken is the Global Love

A chicken stands beside a plate of food, representing the global love for this beloved poultry

With time, the love for the chicken has spread worldwide. Now, it is not just limited to the USA. It has reached almost every corner of the world. Several factors like the health benefits, great source of protein, easy accessibility, delicious taste, versatility, and affordability have made the chicken popular, and it has started moving to the food plates of almost every household if they are nonvegetarian.

Except for a few people who follow Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism, and those who are vegan or don’t want to be involved in animal cruelty, Chicken is the top priority of almost all other people. The versatility of cooking, from taking it as a salad to fried chicken, has changed a lot of things and has taken it on the Global. The various forms of chicken like fried, roasted, grilled, baked, and many other individual dishes recipes reflect how much people have started loving chicken.

Calculating which country consumes the most of the chicken is a tough answer with the global love and different population criteria. Also, on the other hand, the data is not frequently and precisely updated about it, which makes the calculation and exact estimation harder.

USA Citizens Love the Chicken Most

Chicken and fried chicken on a plate, a popular dish loved by USA citizens

Chicken is already famous in the USA and is on almost every household’s dinner plate. According to the National Chicken Council data and reports, the United States scores number one regarding fried chicken consumption. The report’s estimation says that Americans consume approximately 90 pounds of chicken and fried chicken per individual every year.

Regarding production, America produces approximately 22 billion chickens per year, making chickens easier to access for the masses. The large-scale production has continuously increased, with the demand reflecting chicken consumption in the USA. So, the versatility of mixing and pairing chicken with almost everything has increased chicken consumption in the Americans.

The citizens of the USA consume approximately 15000 metric tons of chicken annually. The way of consumption might vary, like taking it as wings, soups, dishes, salads, or stuffing it with other ingredients.

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China Has Big Brands for Chicken Food

Fried chicken with savory gravy and tangy lemon wedges, a delectable dish from China's renowned chicken food brands

Chicken has started becoming the first delicious and non-vegetarian for most of the non-vegetarian people of China. The food business and brands like McDonald’s and KFC have gained greater popularity in China.

According to the data, the citizens of China consume approximately 12000 metric tons of chicken. They also have several chicken diets that are not the same as the American dishes. Still, China produces and consumes a lot of chicken in various forms.

European Citizens are Not Behind

Grilled chicken wings on the grill - a European delight. Savor the smoky flavor

Several European countries also consume chicken, and the number of consumers and the consumption rate is only rising compared to the past few decades.

Combinedly, all the countries of Europe region consume approximately 11000 metric tons of chicken every year. The data is not just for one country in Europe. It is combined for all European countries.

Argentina Loves Chicken as Beef

A close-up of a chicken on a wooden cutting board, representing Argentina's love for chicken over beef.

The citizens of Argentina are also not behind in chicken consumption. They are already famous for Beef consumption and have started gaining popularity for chicken consumption.

According to the data, the Argentinian people consume 187 pounds of chicken per year, and chicken consumption is fiercely rising, decreasing the red meat consumption.

Chicken Consumption in The United Kingdom

Chicken is at the top of United Kingdom citizens’ shopping list. The people of the UK are not behind in chicken consumption. They proudly accept that they also love the chicken, which is part of their daily life.

According to the data, in 2013, around 2.2 million chickens were consumed by the UK people daily. Approximately ninety-five percent of British people openly accepted their love for chicken among the UK citizens. Regarding the food consumption shopping list, chicken has become the priority for the UK people.

Israeli Citizens Love the Chicken

A plate with chicken and salad, a favorite among Israeli citizens.

Eighty percent of Israeli citizens consume chicken daily. While counting the nonvegetarian food and food consumption, poultry production consumption scores the three-quarter place in the approximate data for Israel, around thirty-three percent.

The people of Maresha first started chicken in the Isreal, and then the Roman people started spreading it throughout the country.

Final Thoughts

With the value of several factors in health, protein source, and affordability, chicken is widely used in many countries. From the economic perspective, this is observed as good but becoming awful simultaneously, from the cruelty and animal point of view. So consuming it according to your wish, instead of listening to someone else preferences, might help.

This post showed you which country uses chicken most to understand chicken accessibility and popularity in some countries better. If you want more ways to add value to your lifestyle and maintenance experience, sign up and get our best tips and strategies sent to your inbox.

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