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Moissanite Wedding Sets: The Handy Guide Before You Buy


With the increasing popularity of moissanite use, more and more people are making it their top choice. Today, we have moissanite wedding bands featuring in many modern weddings. Therefore, you would not go wrong by picking moissanite sets for your wedding. They will give you the experience you need for a great wedding. Moissanite comes in different sizes and shapes giving you all the options to pick the best.

Diamond has dominated the industry over the years. However, their cost has discouraged many people from buying hence left with poor quality wedding sets for their use. Today, the story has changed. Moissanite has provided a more affordable solution for those doing their wedding. This stone has good quality at an affordable cost. Therefore, you will value money and a great experience.

Know more about Moissanite

Many people think moissanite is a diamond. However, this is not true. Moissanite has unique qualities matching those of diamonds. However, they differ in terms of their physical and chemical composition. Henri Moissan discovered this precious stone in 1893. Continued lab tests found this gem to be Silicone Carbide (SiC). For that reason, it became possible to manufacture it in the lab.

Today, moissanite producers specialize in making top quality products matching and exceeding the diamond experience. Therefore, it is much more economical to pick moissanite than diamond for your jewelry. Here are reasons why you should pick moissanite for your wedding sets:

  • Diamond-like qualities at a good price

Diamonds will forever maintain their position of being the hardest substances on earth. However, not everyone can afford the cost. For that reason, moissanite is a great alternative to diamond. They offer good quality at a cheaper price than diamonds for the same carat weight.

Good quality moissanite is colorless. However, you can still find other colors due to improved manufacturing processes.

  • Choose Moissanite for Better Shine

Improved lab processes continue to produce moissanite with high-quality fire and brilliance. Most importantly, you can easily cut this precious gem and produce a smooth cut. Ultimately, you will have a befitting piece of jewelry for your important occasion. This is the stone you need if you are looking for glamor.

  • Scratch-Resistant Jewelry Options

When buying jewelry, it is important to pick a stone that will last long. Moissanite’s hardness and durability qualities make it scratch-resistant. In that case, it is a reliable option for those looking for durable wear. Since this is an important investment, picking durable stone-like moissanite will serve you best.

  • Different sizes and shapes

Not many stones have a variety of sizes and shapes. However, moissanite allows you to pick your preferred size and shape. Lab-grown moissanite is easily cut giving consumers a wide range of options. Therefore, you can choose either a big or a small stone based on what you want.

  • Pick ethical gemstones

Many people prefer moissanite to other stones because it is lab-grown. Other stones like diamonds are a source of social conflict. Therefore, it makes people search for ethical options. If this is what you need for your wedding sets, lab-grown solutions like moissanite are what you need.

  • Easy to Maintain Jewelry Sets

Jewelry needs special cleaning and maintenance. You need to do this to retain its shine and sparkle for a long time. However, some require expensive chemicals to clean, which adds to their maintenance costs. For that reason, keeping your wedding sets may be an expensive venture. However, moissanite does not need sophisticated cleaning and maintenance. All you need is warm water, soap and a soft cloth.

  • Lightweight Jewelry Preference

Comfort is vital in your wedding. For that reason, you should consider picking a stone that is light in weight. However, that should not be at the expense of your preferred quality. That makes moissanite a perfect choice for your wedding set. The stone is a fraction of the weight of a diamond. It will give you quality properties at an affordable cost.

Understanding the qualities of moissanite for the best grade is essential to picking a quality stone for your jewelry. Therefore, this guide should help you make the right moissanite choice to cater to your wedding needs. This is a high-quality stone with reliable properties for a good wedding experience.

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