Organizing Mission Monday Link Party – Week 2


I was thrilled that so many of you linked up to my new link party the first week! Thank you! I have been fun this week going through your posts and looking at other linking parties. I am working on making a large reference list of linking parties on both this blog and also my Chat with Sandy blog.

I have also started a linking party on that blog. That one is open to most all blog posts. I am fine with linking your giveaways or your linking parties up there.

I wanted to share with you 3 really inspirational posts that joined my link party. I’d love you to use my “Proud to be Featured on Organizing MIssion Monday” button if i featured you.
Under the Stairs Toy Closet by DaNita of Delightful Organizing

Look at what she did with this space under her stairs. I think this is SO cute!! I know I would have loved a little secret fort/toy area like this when I was a kid. These are pictures from her post.. please go and visit to see all the pictures and read how she did it.

Here is the before picture of the space.

This is back underneath.. all cleaned out and ready to go.

Here is the “After” picture!! Isn’t it cute? Look at that wall… and of course the cubbies.. {I love cubbies}

This is a picture to see back in…. wouldn’t a child love this?

Now…. all the way back in…

LOL… I think I might want to hide out there myself!!
Be sure to visit her at Delightful Order and see the rest of her post. Thanks for linking up!
Cheap DIY Bathroom Drawers by Christin of Pregnant with Power Tools

Check out Christin’s great way to utilize the space underneat a bathroom sink to the max! I’m impressed!

Here is the “Before” picture of under her vanity sink and how it looks like so many of ours. With the pipes that hang down, it can be hard to organize that space.

Pregnant with ToolsNow look at what she has done. Now…. you might wonder where she bought this cool unit that is in this next picture…. but…. yes… as the name of her blog.. She made it!! Totally Cool!!! Handy Man.. or Handy Sandy I’m not…

pregnant with tools Isn’t this great? Now… check out Christin’s blog post called Cheap DIY Bathroom Drawers where she shows you how she does it… step by step.
Typical Tuesday : More Fun Ways with Chalkboard Paint by Roberta of Con*tain*It

Roberta found some Chalkboard labels that she could stick on things and write on for cute labels. She decided that she could make them herself by using chalkboard paint. Here are some of her finished “handmade” labels.

Con*Tain*itHere is what the process looked like making them. She said it is really easy to do too.

con*tain*itAnd some more neat things she used it for.

Con*tain*itSo check out both her blog posts…More Fun Ways with Chalkboard Paint and the tutorial on how to make them 6 Fun ways with Chalkboard Paint .

Please pick up your “Proud To Be Featured on Organizing Mission Monday” button if I featured you.

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