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Organizing Your Pet Supplies can be tricky. If you have pets you realize that they do not come without their “stuff”. There are leashes, brushes, nail clippers, etc… There are some things you need to think about when you are organizing your pets supplies.

Each family has to decide what place will work best for their home and their needs. Either one spot in the garage, or mudroom or laundry room. Maybe you have space in your back hallway that will work. Using a piece of furniture like I did might work for you. It can go right by the back sliding door where the dogs come in and out.
The first thing you should do in organizing your supplies is to sort through them. Decide if you (your pet) still use this item or if it is too small, or worn out or too dirty. If it can be donated, it would be great to donate to a shelter. If not, then pitch it. Medicines, leashes, brushes and clippers, bandanas, clothes (if your dog wears them). The food might need to go in a separate spot or toys. It depends on space. But try to keep as many of the little things together as possible.

This is the solution that I have found for my 2 dogs.
The top 2 drawers have the most frequently used items. Their leashes and their brushes.
pet suppliesThese two drawers have their shampoos and and medications they have along with a sweater for Gizzy (that she doesn’t wear much) and a small dog bowl that we use outside.

dog supplies cabinetThe bottom two drawers have towels (when feet are wet and muddy) and an old dog halo collar. We keep their dog food out in the garage in a sealed plastic roller bin. Their toys are in a basket in the family room where they can reach them and their dog biscuits are in a Longenberger basket on the counter. But all the rest of their supplies are in this chest of drawers.
You can use peg board and baskets in the garage. Or just some unique peg board like in the picture
Photo taken from Lowe’s Creative Ideas for Organizing Your Home magazine, copyright 2003
You can make a pet supply closet like I found on this blog post by the Organizing Aussie Check this out because I LOVE this.
How fun is this? If you have the space in your mud room or where ever your food is located – take a new metal trash can and paint it cute for your dog food.
Be creative and fun – Think outside the box but be sure to keep your pets supplies together.

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