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Post-Pandemic Recruitment Strategies Real Estate Agencies Should Know


COVID-19 caused a major shakedown in the job market. Businesses had to close down and thousands of workers had to be laid-off due to financial losses. Meanwhile, those who managed to weather the effects of the pandemic have had to adapt and develop completely new strategies. For the recruitment sector, this meant finding new ways to manage the influx of job seekers.

Understandably, the old ways of working won’t be as effective in the new climate. This is especially true for real estate agencies, since both the real estate and recruitment industries have been affected. If HR departments and recruiters don’t adapt, they won’t be able to fill posts on time and deliver the needs of their clients. Fortunately, technology has helped address recruitment concerns in real estate and beyond.

That said, here are some hiring trends to keep in mind that will definitely stay for the “new normal”:

Social and Email Recruiting

Social media is growing like never before, even homes are turning into smart homes. To be fair, social and email recruiting aren’t exactly new. A lot of recruiters, whether in real estate or otherwise, have already been using these methods for years. However, you can expect that these recruiting techniques will be even more prominent post-pandemic.

For one, those who are looking for jobs usually flock to social media and other online platforms to expand their reach. LinkedIn, Facebook’s Jobs feature, and online job boards are perfect places to source active job seekers. Meanwhile, for both active and passive candidates, email recruiting works wonderfully. Click here for some tips to get you started. The main thing to remember is to tailor-fit your messaging to your target candidates.

Virtual Hiring

Due to quarantine and physical distancing measures implemented to stop the spread of COVID, workplaces shifted from on-site to remote working. When a completely work-from-home set-up was not feasible, employers opted for a hybrid option. Even as the restrictions ease and more people get fully vaccinated, it’s apparent that this trend will still be the new norm.

The same can be applied to recruitment, particularly when it comes to interviewing candidates. In fact, online interviews can be used not only to accelerate the process but also to further filter the candidate list. Ultimately, it can result in more efficient screening, shorter in-person meetings (which is great for physical distancing), and enhanced candidate experience.

Internal Hiring

There are many reasons why internal hiring has become a popular trend during the pandemic, and why it will continue to be so later on. First and foremost, promoting someone means you’re already guaranteed a culture fit. This is crucial for senior real estate agents who need to work and coordinate with other agents and personnel.

Internal hiring also increases engagement, improves retention, and ultimately lowers the cost and shortens the process of hiring. All of these contribute to the efficiency and productivity needed to counteract the negative effects of the pandemic towards profit. Of course, internal hiring helps minimize a recruiter’s in-person interaction and thus helps minimize the risk of infection.

Increasing Employer’s Role in Employee Well-Being

Even before the pandemic struck, a lot of people have already shifted their perspective when it comes to looking for jobs. They no longer want to work for a company that merely pays them a big salary; rather, they want to be part of an organization that truly values its people. This became even more evident during the height of COVID-19, when companies that ensured their employees’ safety and security got lauded by the public.

In short, when it comes to recruiting real estate agents, go beyond offering a high commission split. Make sure that you or the brokerage you’re working for are also able to provide health and wellness support. These include paid sick leave, child care provisions, and flexible work hours. If you can afford it, consider working with professionals to help address mental health issues. Showing potential recruits that you care about them and not just their contributions to your company can go a long way towards convincing them to work with you.

Focusing on Recruiters

Last but certainly not least, one of the best recruitment strategies post-pandemic is focusing on the recruiters themselves. They’re the ones who most often represent your company to applicants and candidates, so it’s only logical to invest in developing their skills. This way, they’ll be more effective at their jobs and at the same time feel prouder and more accomplished because of their improved output.

Some of the programs you might want to look at are internal mobility, productivity techniques when working at home, and software training as people are using software for architectural needs as well. It’s also a good idea to provide recruiters with advisory training, along with strategy development and data analytics courses.

The phrase “the show must go on” isn’t just applicable for show business. Indeed, it’s a way of thinking that every industry must adopt. The COVID-19 pandemic may have thrown real estate recruitment in disarray, but it doesn’t have to be the status quo forever. Keep these strategies in mind to help revive and boost your recruitment efforts well after the pandemic is over.

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