Protective Coating Equipment

Protective Coating Equipment

Protective coating equipment is vital in keeping complex machines and critical assets safe. Corrosion can wreak havoc with assets in various ways; protective coatings can stop elements coming together to form corrosion processes or actively divert electrochemical reactions in another direction. equipment for protective coatings  should therefore be considered an essential part of any industrial maintenance program.

Bolair offers a range of spray equipment to apply protective coatings that safeguard surfaces against damage. Graco and Wiwa spray equipment can be customized for application.

Chemical Protection

Protective coatings provide structures and equipment with protection from corrosion, chemical attack, thermal degradation and fire. Their purpose is to safeguard assets across a range of environmental conditions for extended service, making them especially crucial in applications like power stations, refineries or bridges that must remain functional for many years to come.

Chemically-resistant protective coatings can be applied to many different surfaces, including metals, concrete, glass and plastic. They’re often used to shield electrical insulation against harmful voltage spikes as well as providing a barrier against water, dirt and dust accumulation.

To ensure chemically resistant spray coatings meet their performance specifications, they must be correctly applied by trained staff using appropriate equipment. This includes using a decontamination system which removes and neutralizes contamination to avoid spreading it to clean areas, tools or PPE; as well as instructions for donning/doffing/reusing protective clothing.

Weather Resistance

No matter if your equipment must withstand harsh winter conditions or is exposed to rain and dirt in outdoor environments, a protective coating is an invaluable solution. Not only will it protect from corrosion damage that could ruin its structure and lead to costly repairs or replacement costs, but it will also extend its life span as a long-term investment.

Corrosion prevention is of utmost importance in industrial applications, where an anticorrosive coating on your machinery can protect it from rusting and rotting, thus prolonging its life and helping maximize return on your investment.

Protecting your equipment can extend its lifespan and increase its resale value when the time comes. Spray finishing equipment like the Graco XM plural-component sprayer was specifically designed for tough coating projects with its precise ratio control, download historical spraying data capability, wide range of two component materials it supports and easy digital controls for pressure and material temperature monitoring – perfect for industrial and commercial spraying needs alike!

Fire Resistance

Agricultural equipment can be subject to various environmental hazards. Wind, rain and temperature fluctuations are all hazards which could compromise its condition; protective coatings keep machinery looking its best to extend and enhance its service life.

Modern coatings equipment is built to handle a range of spray applications. For instance, Graco’s plural-component sprayers offer precise ratio control while enabling operators to download operating data via their cell phones.

SFRMs (spray applied fire resistant materials) are typically employed to protect structural steel in high-rise buildings from fire damage. Delivered as dry powder and mixed with water in the field, these materials can be applied in various thicknesses to meet hourly ratings; typically composed of gypsum or cement with various additives to lighten or harden their solutions – bond strength of these SFRMs being crucial to their effectiveness at resisting fire; the World Trade Center tragedy brought this topic into the limelight.

Environmental Protection

Protective coatings help limit corrosion by limiting metal equipment from coming into direct contact with corrosive elements, while also providing wear-and-tear protection from environmental factors like rain, humidity and fluctuating temperatures.

Corrosion is a natural process that takes place when metals are exposed to corrosive conditions for extended periods. Different equipment requires various protective coatings in order to stay rust-free for their lifetime; critical marine equipment will need an anticorrosive layer, while similar indoor-mounted machines need protection from dust and other contaminates.

Spray finishing equipment is essential when it comes to applying protective coatings in industrial settings, and Bolair offers an impressive selection of Graco and Wiwa high pressure single and plural component sprayers capable of handling 100% solids/solvent free coatings – not to mention harsh conditions and deliver precise ratio control with historical spray data download capabilities.

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