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Reasons to Choose a Storage Container Over a Moving Truck for a Move

Reasons to Choose a Storage Container Over a Moving Truck for a Move

When you’re moving and need to choose between a storage container and a moving truck to transport your belongings , you’ll have a decision to make.Whether you’re using irving movers irving tx to move 30 miles, or you’re moving from Los Angeles, CA to Orlando, FL, in a big interstate move, you will certainly want to consider your decision carefully. While there are benefits to using a moving truck for specific needs, there are far more reasons to choose a portable storage container instead. Here are some of them.

Pack at Your Own Pace

A storage container that’s dropped off on your property allows you to pack and store your items at your own pace. You can start packing up belongings that you don’t use every day months before you actually move, which can be extremely helpful in making sure everything gets done in time. Then, on moving day, a truck simply picks up your storage container and transports it to your new property, where you can again take the time you need to unpack your belongings.

A storage unit also allows you to pack early, but you’ll have to load everything in it on a moving truck the day you move. This means you could end up paying for extra rental time if you have a lot of things to load from the storage unit and unload at your new home. You might find yourself rushing to get things onto the truck, which can lead to damaged or missed items.

You Don’t Have to Drive

Not everyone is comfortable driving a large moving truck, but if you don’t also hire drivers to drive your rented moving truck to your new place, you’ll have to drive it yourself. This is quite daunting for people who only drive small vehicles. But, with portable storage, the company has a driver who will pick up your container and drive it for you to your new home. You simply meet the truck there and direct them where to place the storage container once it arrives.

This is particularly an advantage if you’re moving across the country because you never know what driving situations you’ll find yourself in when you’re driving in unfamiliar places. Moving trucks are hard to maneuver and difficult to park. You will have to stop at some points on your route, which can lead to all sorts of other problems, including accidents.

Security You Can Trust

Since your belongings will still be on your property when they’re stored in a storage container, you don’t have to worry as much about their security. The container will be locked and weatherproof so that no one can get to your belongings and it can withstand most weather conditions without your belongings getting damaged.

A moving truck offers protection from the weather, but only while it’s being transported. And if you don’t pack the truck yourself, you don’t know for sure that it’s been packed securely and safely. Since you pack your belongings in a storage container yourself, you can rest easy knowing that they’ve been packed and loaded appropriately.


Hiring a moving truck to transport your belongings from one house to another is the traditional way to conduct a move. But, it’s not necessarily the best way. Storage containers offer much more flexibility in how and when you move your belongings, making them a superior choice.

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