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RV Carport Tips: Before You Buy


RVs are an enormous investment! And like any asset of such financial significance, you need an effective means of protecting it! Years of exposure to elements like UV rays, rain, and wind can slowly wear on your RV or motorhome, damaging the paint and lowering the overall value.

The only effective method of stopping this degradation is to protect your RV with a metal carport. These metal building kits surround your RV or automobile with strong American-made galvanized steel, reducing the gradual wear on your valuables!

Beyond protecting your vehicles from the ravages of UV exposure, metal buildings excel in defending your valuable cars, trucks, and equipment from Mother Nature’s grip. Rain, lightning, wind and snow and the debris carried by them can’t harm your possessions when they’re separated by thick, rugged, metal panels.

The Benefits of Buying a Metal RV Carport

There are many benefits to buying a structure like a metal carport or steel garage. By investing in a metal structure for your RV, you can breathe a breath of fresh air knowing that they:

1. Protect the Exterior of Your RV, Camper, or Motorhome

UV radiation from the sun regularly infiltrates the various layers of automobile paint jobs, slowly working its way through to destroy the protective enamel, causing fading chipping and peeling. Once the protective coatings are gone, this opens your vehicle up for another familiar perpetrator: rust.

Rust will happily take things from there, slowly dissolving any exposed metal surface, causing untold thousands in damages and lowering the value of your vehicle.

2. Save your Money

By taking the time and money to invest in a metal carport for your RV, you can effectively double its lifespan. This can reduce the number of regular repairs and maintenance, saving you tons of money over the life of your vehicle, you can put this money into building a Wiffle ball field.

3. Protect your RV’s Interior

Just because your RV’s interior is on the inside doesn’t mean it’s not getting too much sun! RV carports provide natural protection from the elements, including UV exposure, keeping the interior of your vehicle cool and safe from discoloration, cracking, and dry rot. Consider it like transforming your open patio to an enclosed one to utilize the space in an optimum manner.

4. Allow for Backyard RV Storage

The days of having to pay a fee to store your recreational vehicle in some remote storage facility are over! By purchasing a metal carport, you can keep your RV at home where it belongs.

5. Increase your Property Value

Installing a metal garage or carport can do wonders for curb appeal, making your property more visually appealing to prospective buyers. On top of safely storing your vehicles, these metal RV carports can increase your overall property value.

RV Carport Sizing and Roof Details

When purchasing a carport to protect your larger motor vehicles, you’ll want to be sure of your RV’s measurements to ensure there’s plenty of overhead room and extra space for storage. This is not the time to come up short!

There are also several different types of roofs depending on taste and need. Vertical roofs feature ribbing that runs upright along the roof, which can displace heavy flows of water and snow. Horizontal roofs, however, are often more affordable and easier to install. Both are great at protecting your RV, but only one truly excels.

Why Choose a Metal RV Carport?

There are many reasons to invest in a carport or garage. Whether you hope to protect your vehicle or want a cool place to perform routine maintenance, a metal carport can offer ample protection from wind, rain, sleet, snow, and even the sun. Our carports are engineered to meet or exceed almost any load rating regulations in the United States, allowing you to be confident that your investment is going to hold up to the elements for years, no matter where you live.

Our metal carports are also:

1. Forged with galvanized steel

Galvanized steel is naturally resistant to pests, moisture infiltration, and fire damage, making it an incredibly robust means of protecting your property.

2. Saves Money

It’s no secret that taking the time to invest in a metal carport will save you tons of money down the line. By reducing the amount of needed maintenance, your wallet will thank you for years to come.

3. It Saves Time

By purchasing a metal building, you won’t have to pay ridiculous amounts of money to house your RV or vehicle, eliminating the hassle of traveling to off-site storage facilities to take your RV for a drive! This will also save you tons of money in years of rental fees and travel costs.

4. It Protects Your Vehicle from Harsh Weather

UV rays aren’t the only thing that can damage your vehicle! Violent weather, storms, snow, and rainfall can all conspire to damage your property. The only way to stop that in its tracks is by investing in a carport.

5. They’re not just for RVs!

Just because an RV carport is sized to contain a larger recreational vehicle doesn’t mean they aren’t versatile! They’re perfect for regular automobiles and work great as metal boat carports! They even provide excellent shelter for gatherings and barbeques.


Recreational vehicles are a fun and exciting way to spend a vacation with the family, but they require a ton of upkeep to stay roadworthy over the years. The best way to combat the slow decline of your automobiles is to protect them with a metal carport.

Steel is also a much more efficient means of construction than other competitive building materials. Steel structures are naturally flexible, swaying slightly when facing forces like wind, rain, or even seismic activity. Wood and concrete are rigid, often cracking, crumbling, or caving in under similar forces. In addition to being a safer building material, steel is far more inexpensive compared to similar construction types.

Metal carports provide a durable, long-lasting means of protecting your investment. They require far less regular maintenance compared to stick-built garages and will extend the life of your vehicle so that you can get back on the road where you belong!

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