Secrets to Italian-Style Grilling


Grilling has been a predominant part of human history as cooking directly on flame was the first step from where the cooking process started. Grilled food is enjoyed all over the world, be it BBQ party in your enclosed patio or enjoying steaks in backyard. Grilled and smoked meat has its aroma and flavor that can make people drool. Every region of the world has its way of grilling. Some use simple salts & pepper others turn to exotic spices. But the important fact is it is enjoyed all around despite its origins.

While Italians are mostly known for their wines, they are not behind in the art of BBQ and grilling. They may not be as overzealous as 4th July celebrators, but they can hold their torch to them. Usually, in summer, along with some fine companions and quality wine, Italians enjoy their traditions of flame.

They prefer quality over quantity:

The numero uno to Italian grilling is quality. You should choose the highest quality of meats and vegetables available. Italians usually prefer natural flavors over sauces and marinades — which is why quality is important for flavor.

Spices and oils:

Spiedini, in other words, “skewered” is popular in Italy. It has made grilling even easier. The use of spices other than simple salt and black pepper is not that popular, and the use of olive oil is encouraged. It helps to keep the charred proteins moisturized, and the salt & pepper bring out the natural flavors that the meat has to offer. So, if you want to keep the expenses in control and want to give your food more organic then you can grow garlic indoors and other small items as well.

The right tool for perfect cooking:

Which equipment can be better than a fine-quality grill when it comes to the grilling. Whether you want to host a small family gathering or a big outdoor party, you can’t do it better without a grill. You can use different types of grills like a gas grill, charcoal grill, infrared grill, or a portable grill. Just make sure you choose the right brand. We find that RCS is a highly-recommended name in the market. But before buying, you should read a review of RCS grill models to find which model suits your needs.

Grill it in Italian style:

In Italy, grilling is not limited to meats but you can find just about anything from seafood to vegetables they do not feel shy when it comes to flame cooking which is why you should see beyond hamburgers and hotdogs. No matter what you decide to grill keep it unhurried and relaxed in the summer sky.  And if you are hosting a party then do it just like the Italians do, which includes herb-infused drinks and a few bottles of some quality wine.

Servings matter a lot:

They usually like to end their meals with some sweet action. You could grill some freshly cut fruits like peaches or pineapples. The heat vaporizes the water content bringing out the flavor of sweetness that the fruits hold. An even better option would be to serve gelato.

Popular dishes to try:

Some dishes worth mentioning include grilled portobello mushrooms, grilled Caesar salad, Spiedini with grilled chicken, bacon, and vegetables, grilled buffalo beef and pepper jack burgers, grilled prosciutto and marinated mozzarella pizza, Bistecca Alla Fiorentina, grilled salmon burgers, and grilled Italian fruit desserts.

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