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Selling Your Home in Winter? Here’s How to Make Your Home Stand Out


Most homeowners prefer to wait until the spring or summer when the market and temperature warm-up to sell their home with an enclosed patio and all the repairs, but sometimes life happens, and you can’t wait. Whether your reason is that you got a new job, you have a growing family, or you need to downsize, sometimes a winter sale is unavoidable.

While this may seem not ideal to many, the reality is there can be some advantages to selling your home in winter. After all, there’s typically less competition with fewer homes being listed in the winter, which means you can take time to consider offers rather than having to move at lightning speed.

Despite the weather being drab, there are plenty of ways that you can play into the cozy charm of the winter season. Here are some tips for putting your home’s best foot forward so you can get the best offer for your home this winter.

Find a Local Real Estate Brokerage

The best place to start when selling your home in the winter is to enlist professional help. A great real estate agent will know your local market, an invaluable resource when selling your home. They’ll also be able to provide advice on any touch-ups or improvements you should make.

If you work with an agent who is specialized in a specific region, like the Whitby and Ajax real estate agents at Shawn Lepp Group real estate brokerage, that’s even better! A local agent will have a more in-depth knowledge of the area and will be able to give you more specialized direction.

Pay Attention to that Curb Appeal

No matter what time of year you sell your home, it’s always best to ensure the exterior of your home looks kept and cared for. Painting in winter is often not an option, but you can always try to take advantage of some milder weather to give your home a power wash. Eaves troughs should be clean and clear of debris and icicles, and it’s essential to keep on top of shoveling and salting your driveway and walkways.

Let in the Light

Homebuyers like bright, light spaces, so keep blinds up and drapes pulled back on every window. Keep your windows clean outside and inside to let more natural light into your home and decorate it with a wind chime, which will also add to your home’s curb appeal.

Keep lights on throughout your home for all showings. If you have any particularly dark spaces, use mirrors to amplify and bounce the light around the room.

Keep it Cozy

Winter provides ample opportunity to play into your home’s hygge – a Danish word for the feeling of cozy contentment, togetherness, and wellbeing. Make your home an inviting and welcoming space by using warm lighting and candles for ambiance and accessorizing your rooms with rugs, throws and pillows that are neutral and coordinated with the rest of the space.

With dark days and dead trees, winter can be a less obvious time to make your home shine, but you can use these tips to play into the positives of the winter season and remind potential buyers that your home is a wonderful refuge to escape from cold winter days.

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