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Best Cord for Restringing Wind Chimes: Top 7 Picks for 2021

Best Cord for Restringing Wind Chimes Top 7 Picks for 2021

When it comes to home decoration, the Wind Chimes are considered best and are also helpful in providing relaxation by producing serene sounds. There are various kinds of wind chimes available in the market which you can hang outside or at the door of your house. Wind Chimes are also considered a wonderful addition to your home’s front porch.

 There are different kinds of strings available in the market which you can use for restringing wind chimes if they get damaged. Keep reading this guide to learn more about some of the best cords for restringing wind chimes.

The Best Strings for Restringing Wind Chimes

All these strings are selected because of their strength, durability, and versatility.

1. Atwood Rope MFG Red Micro Cord Paracord

Atwood is one of the best brands when it comes to strings. The Atwood Rope MFG Red Micro Cord Paracord is beneficial in offering durability as strength. It comes in a bright red color which provides a beautiful look, and it can also easily resist all the weather conditions and tears caused by the outdoor elements. It is made to bear any outdoor pressure and resist UV rays, dust, etc. Rather than using it in wind chimes, it can also be used in other DIY projects.

2. Mandala Crafts Waxed Cotton Cord Thread

The Mandala Crafts Waxed Cotton Cord Thread is a multipurpose string that offers strength and durability and can also be used with DIY products. Using it in Wind Chime will result in providing it a great balance and durability. The Cotton thread is very lightweight and flexible, making it feel soft, but it will not disintegrate easily. It also comes with light waxing which helps in preventing finger slips. It is so strong that you will not be able to break it with your bare hands.

3. SGT KNOTS Twine Wind Chimes String

The SGT KNOTS are trendy in making high-quality strings. All their strings are very durable and lightweight which can either be used indoors or outdoors. You can easily use this string along with your Wind Chime as it helps provide durability to it. The SGT KNOTS are made up of a superstring nylon material that can resist moisture, dust, and UV rays and withstand any temperature conditions. It comes with a pressured dye which helps in providing it an amazing color penetration.

4. Atwood Micro Sport Replacement String

The Atwood Micro Sport Replacement String is one of the best lightweight strings you can use indoors or outdoors. The string pack comes with a 1.18mm diameter and 125ft spool. It is a braided cord that is strong enough to provide support to the wind chimes.

It is also very flexible, which allows you to easily tie different knots and make your wind chime dangle free. It can be used on different products like jewelry, trap loans, lanyards, etc. This product provides a fantastic price to performance ratio.

5. Beadaholique Wind Chime Cord

The Beadaholique Wind Chime Cord is considered one of the most durable and easy-to-use cords. It is considered an excellent replacement string for wind chimes; that is why it is mostly used. The Beadaholique Wind Chime Cord comes with a twisted nylon build which offers long-lasting performance. This cord is designed such that it can provide flexibility and bending.

6. Fandol Waxed Polyester Cord Wax Coated String

The Fandol Waxed Polyester Cord Wax Coated String is also considered one of the best strings for wind chimes. It comes in six neutral shaded colors, which provide an amazing look to wind chimes. The string is mainly polyester and contains a waxed coating that prevents it from tearing, wearing, and water damage. Each spool of wind chimes consists of 55 meters of thread with a diameter of 0.8mm.

7. Paracord Micro 90 Cord

The Paracord Micro 90 Cord is one of the thickest and sturdy strings you can use in wind chimes. The thread comes in twenty different colors. It also comes in five different lengths – 10, 25, 50, 100, and 1000 feet. The Paracord Micro 90 Cord is very durable and can withstand weight up to 90 lbs. It comes with a diameter of 1.18mm.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What can I use to make homemade Wind Chimes?

Some of the best items which you can use in Wind Chime:

  • Aluminum or Silver metal
  • Chains
  • Pencils
  • Small Bells
  • CD’s
  • Vintage Items

Q2. How to clean Aluminum Wind Chimes?

To clean the Aluminum Wind Chimes. First, you must remove the large debris and clean the droppings with a cotton cloth. Then it would be best if you polished the chimes using any teak oil cleaner. You can also use lemon to do the task. Occasional cleaning of Wind Chimes helps in adding more life to it.

Q3. Which is the Best Metal to Use in a Wind Chime?

It is essential to use a good quality metal in a Wind Chime. It helps in producing a relaxing sound. You can try different metals such as Aluminum as it makes a very significant sound, and you can also try different metals and use what best suits you.

Q4. Can I String Wind Chimes by Myself?

Yes, you can easily do this task by yourself. There are plenty of guides and videos which you can follow to string your wind chimes.


So, it is significant to use durable and flexible strings in your wind chimes. With our informative guide, we hope that you have found your perfect string for Wind Chime.

If you are still confused about deciding among them, then we suggest you look at Atwood Micro Sport Replacement String. It is a very durable and lightweight string. And this string is quite inexpensive too.

This is all about this guide; we hope you find it helpful. If you have any queries or questions related to the guide, you can directly ask by commenting below.

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