Sock Sacks – No More Frustrating Sock Matching!!


This is one of the coolest inventions and it is so simple you think, “Why the heck didn’t I think of this?”
Having 5 kids, 4 of which are boys with socks that look sooooo much alike, I hate doing the whites. It seems like it would take me forever to match the whites. I did the “dot” method of marking my kids socks. That helps to figure out who’s is who’s….but I still had to separate them all and lay them out all over the floor to do it. Enter the Sock Sack!

These are net bags (like you use for your delicates)that are a nice large size (they come in 2 sizes – 3 styles) to fit all the socks. They are color coded and have a place to write your child’s name on them. The other thing I like about them is that the zipper closure is protected. Many times the little net bag I have to do my delicates in often times opens in the wash.
There is a hook on the corner to hang these on door knobs, or there is a hook that comes with it to hand somewhere else. I thought that I would hang them on the sides of the kids laundry hampers on their rooms, but because the bags are such a great size to fit all their socks..they hang too low to hang on the hamper.
The kids each have their own sock sack and to teach compliance, the new rule is: If your socks aren’t in your sock sack..they don’t get washed. (I do wash them, but then I have a basket in the laundry room that they will go in if they are out of the sock sack. Once that child starts running low on socks….they will learn to make sure their socks go in their sock sack. So far I am only having problems with one child.)

You simply throw in the zipped up sock sack with the socks already separated with each child’s socks in them. Wash and dry like normal. Not only does this keep the child’s socks separated, but it also keeps them from “getting lost” in the washer and going down the drain. Now this is what my laundry basket looks like. Once they come out of the dryer, I take each sock sack and open it…match that child’s socks and put them back into their sock sacks. They get their sacks and have folded matched socks. They put them in their drawers, take their empty sacks and hang back up.
I LOVE THESE!!!! The only thing I would love more would be to have 2 for each child. When the one goes down to the laundry..hang the empty one up right then and there in case I don’t get the whites down the first day.

Sandy Jensen
Sandy Jensen, a celebrated writer in the home and garden niche, boasts over 12 years of hands-on experience. Her educational background includes a Bachelor’s in Landscape Architecture from Cornell University. Before joining our team in 2016, she worked as a landscape designer, combining her love for nature and design. Sandy's expertise shines through her articles, offering readers practical and aesthetically pleasing gardening tips. Off the clock, she enjoys hiking and nature photography, further nurturing her connection with the outdoors.

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