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Storage Spaces to Add to Your Yard

Storage Spaces to Add to Your Yard

You’ve managed to control the levels of clutter inside your house, but what about the clutter outside of your house? Your yard is scattered with mess—there are kids’ toys, gardening tools and all sorts of stuff scattered around. You should get the following storage spaces to tidy up your yard this spring.

Outdoor Toybox

Your kids have a toybox in the house. The box helps you minimize the chaos indoors. Your kids have a designated dumping ground to put the toys when playtime is over, which encourages them to keep the rest of the house tidy.

You don’t have to spend most of your days tripping over plush animals and wooden building blocks.

You can apply the same organizational strategy to your yard! Instead of letting your kids leave bouncy balls and toy trucks on the lawn to collect dirt, have them store those toys in a plastic toy box.

Storage Bench

When you’re trying to conserve space, you should use furniture that’s compact and multi-purposed. A storage bench meets those criteria. It’s a comfortable sitting area, and it provides a convenient storage spot to put your patio cushions or equipment for outdoor games (badminton nets, horseshoes, etc.).

Garbage Storage Shed

Your backyard could look picture-perfect if it didn’t have a cluster of garbage cans standing by the fence. So, get yourself a garbage storage shed to hide those ugly bins from view.

Another benefit of a garbage storage shed is that it’s one of the best ways to keep animals out of your garbage. There’s nothing quite like cleaning up your yard after a critter has rummaged through your bins and scattered garbage everywhere.

Garden Shed

Your gardening tools shouldn’t be left outside in the rain. Leaving them in the rain will make them rust and wear down faster. Keep them in a secure, dry place, like a gardening shed. You should also keep empty planters, pots, and lawn care equipment (for example, lawnmowers) in there, too.

Your average store-bought gardening shed will be approximately 8×8 feet. This isn’t a ton of space to work with, so you’ll want to save room by storing items on or against the wall.

You can hang a pegboard against the wall and put all of your smaller gardening tools, like hand towels and hand rakes, on it. Mount a storage rack against a different wall and place taller tools in the slots, like rakes, shovels and push brooms.

By keeping your items flush with the wall, you’ll use up less floor space and give yourself more room to store bulky equipment.

Storage Container

Do you need more space than a garden shed offers? Then, a shipping container could be an excellent addition to your backyard.

Shipping containers are significantly bigger than the standard gardening shed. The smallest shipping container size is 20ft long, whereas the larger is 40ft long.

Both of these choices will offer plenty of space to keep larger gardening and lawncare tools, like lawnmowers and wheelbarrows, without creating any clutter.

You can also use it to store large items that you don’t want to leave outside allyear round — and that you don’t want to bring inside the house, either. These are some examples:

  • Barbecue grills
  • Patio furniture
  • Bicycles
  • Dirt bikes
  • Camping equipment
  • Sports equipment

There are plenty of other things you can store inside it. Take a look at other shipping container storage ideas to get inspired. Once you’ve purchased a container, you can fill it up with all the items that you want out of the way. Your yard will look so neat and tidy afterward.

Your yard doesn’t have to be a complete mess. Use these storage solutions to conquer that mess and keep it clean!

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