15 of the Best Stunning Retaining Wall Ideas

15 Stunning Retaining Wall Ideas

While building houses, one thing to which most of us do not pay much attention is our walls. You may have asked yourself what extra can we do with our walls? Is there are other designs as well or walls? Can retaining walls be made to look, designer?

Many other people like you have a similar kind of question. We all have retaining walls around our houses, and especially if you live in the city along with the roads, then it is a must to have retaining walls.

You may have noticed the different lengths of retaining walls around you. Some houses are surrounded by long retaining walls, while some only have wooden fences around them.

Other than length, you can also categories the retaining walls around you based on the kind of material they are made up of—Wooden, bricks, big rocks, iron bars, white pickets, and many more.

But, do you know that there are other ways as well by which you can make your retaining walls look more fascinating and gorgeous. We have selected the 15 best retaining wall ideas you can use to build an exciting and unique retaining wall for your house.

Just go through them and pick the perfect one which suits you and, most importantly, fits in the box of your requirement. Let us start now.

Stunning Retaining Wall Ideas

1. Tall Staircase Retaining Wall

Tall Staircase Retaining Wall

This one is our best choice. It has a lot of cool and exciting things which makes it the first recommended choice. This one right here has three gradients with two stair bases. The height of the gradients decreases as we go upwards, and that is why it looks beautiful. After each gradient, you can put pots or plants if you are looking for some greener retaining wall ideas.

2. Concrete Retaining Walls Mounted with Wooden Sheet

Concrete Retaining Walls Mounted with Wooden Sheet

This one here is for the outer boundary of your house. A bare concrete wall painted with brown color will enhance the beauty of your interior. Over the top of it, a layer of climbers will be a good option and support it mount a rigid boundary on the top of the concrete boundary.

You can adjust the height according to your need, but the core design is perfect if you are looking for mixed retaining wall ideas.

3. Tall Platform Protruding from Main Retaining Wall

Tall Platform Protruding from Main Retaining Wall

This one here will suit those who have grassy sidewalks and a grassy in front of the house. This platform can be used to plant flowers and small trees as well, and you can also fill it with small colorful stones decorated with some beautiful pots of flowers. This platform will give you an extra benefit, as you can change the top of this platform season by season.

You can also place lights on it to make it look more elegant at night as well.

4. Stacked Stone Retaining Walls

Stacked Stone Retaining Walls

Walls look more pleasant when it matches the exterior of your house. If your house has a concrete look and you have made retaining walls made up of wood, then it may not look so attractive as it can be. Therefore, this kind of retaining wall idea are more working if your house has a concrete appearance.

This design is universal. You can use it as a retaining wall for your house, for the garden, around flower beds, around the tree, and at many other places as well. So, do not think that this is only for your retaining walls; instead, its pattern is so unique that it can be used anywhere where there is a need for boundary-making or wall making.

5. Stacked Stone Retaining Wall with Platform

Stacked Stone Retaining Wall with Platform

This one right here is like that of the one we have discussed just above. But one thing which makes it different is the platform at its lower base. Having a platform with your retaining wall is something that is in trend now. Therefore, do not hesitate while using it for your house.

You can play with trees, flowers, shrubs, and even lights. It all depends on you and the theme of your house.

6. Curvy Retaining Wall

Curvy Retaining Wall

This one right here looks more concrete and bulky, which reflects strength and durability. Alternatively, stacked stones, one over the other, give a brilliant pattern as well. You can dig a small canal populated with water plants and this retaining wall to make it look more attractive.

7. Bulky Stones Retaining Walls

Bulky Stones Retaining Walls

As you may know that a retaining wall is made to prevent soil erosion. But Green can do it even better. What if we use both together? This one right here is a perfect example of this.

A small platform that is used to plant trees and along with it, a tall retaining wall is standing behind it. Both the walls are doing their job and, in addition to that, adding up beauty in your house as well. So, why should we not use it?

8. Retaining Wall for Irregular Garden

Retaining Wall for Irregular Garden

Many house owners do not have much space around their house but wanted to have more. So, to get, they build their houses above the ground level. This helps them to have more greenery. But it also raises the problem of land sliding.

This remaining wall idea is perfect for those houses. A simple concrete retaining wall mounted by beautiful flat plain concrete tiles.

9. Retaining Wall with Stairs

Retaining Wall with Stairs

A perfect retaining wall idea who has a garden with a slope that leads to their house. A stair will hold the soil in between while plain elongated rock sheets will make a perfect wall around the land. It looks mesmerizing, and with the help of some trees, you can also make it more worthwhile.

You can paint these rocks with different colors to give them a bright texture as well.

10. Terrace Like Retaining Wall

Terrace Like Retaining Wall

Do you have a house that was made above the average ground level? Then this one will suit you. This will not only prevent soil erosion but will work as a perfect display for some beautiful and colorful flowers and shrubs.

You can use wooden plates as well rather than using stones to make it look more. But be ready to spend some time in its maintenance as this kind of level retaining wall ideas require more maintenance than others.

11. Retaining Wall Along with The Sidewalks

Retaining Wall Along with The Sidewalks

This one right here is like the above one, but it is only stairs that match with the above ones.  A house with a garden above the average surface needs a retaining wall so that the garden does not slip off due to soil erosion.

It has the extra benefit of tree plantation. You can use small trees, shrubs, climbing trees, and grasses as well. They will not only help to hold the soil but will also help to retain the fertility and moisture of your garden. Therefore, this could be a perfect choice if your house is just like this.

12. Retaining Wall Around Flower Beds

Retaining Wall Around Flower Beds

All those people who have a garden or a backyard always have flower beds. After all, they are the ones who cherish the gardens and provides a unique texture to your garden. A flower bed is enclosed by a retaining wall made up of bare rocks. At the top of this wall lies bare and clean rock plated. This gives the flower bed a classic and traditional look as well.

So, take inspiration or directly use this retaining wall idea for your flowerbeds. Use different shades of flowers to enrich your garden with different colors and textures. The rocks will also give your garden an extra edge.

13. Stairs Like Retaining Walls

Stairs Like Retaining Walls

This one right here has been designed beautifully, and irregularities in the shapes of rocks give it a beautiful pattern. Different types of flowers and plants have been arranged on each terrace. Thus, it creates a gradient aura, which reflects a very soothing aura.

14. Traditional Retaining Walls

Traditional Retaining Walls

Thus, one right here is another personal choice. The arrangement of stones over each other gives this retaining wall idea an extra edge over others. It is best about it that you can make any height and any length with this retaining wall idea.

This will also give a gradient edge once you are done building a retaining wall in this pattern.

15. Retaining Walls for The Front

Retaining Walls for The Front

What if you need a retaining wall right in the front of your home? Yes, you can make a retaining wall there. After all, the core work of a retaining wall is to prevent soil erosion. So, whenever there is a chance of soil erosion, you will need a retaining wall idea.

Retaining wall around your house or at the front of your house create a remarkable impact. So, a retaining wall idea like this is going to be a great choice.


These are some of the trendy and beautiful retaining wall ideas you can choose from. Make sure that you are fulfilling the need and requirements. Always go creative when it comes to design.

First, look at your garden, lawn, or backyard perfectly and then select the one that suits and matches yours more. This will reduce the chances of error, and you will be happy with your work result, which is the most important as getting satisfactory results always makes us happy, right?

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