Want to Rent a Log Splitter? Here is a Detailed List

Want to Rent a Log Splitter? Here is a Detailed List

A log splitter is simply a device or equipment used, especially for splitting firewood from softwood or hardwood logs. If you split wood frequently, employing a log splitter is a smart investment.

In the long run, this device will be beneficial in terms of money and time alike. The usage of the equipment should be regularly to reap out the most profits. If you are not sure about the purchase of a log splitter right away, there is a better solution.

Renting has become a practice of the present and ensures you are confident with the product. So here, we have compiled the best websites for renting a log splitter.

Here’s a list of Places to Rent a Log Splitter


The Home Depot is the largest home improvement retailer in the United States, providing users with a wide range of tools, construction equipment, services, and more.

With a promising variety of log splitters, Home Depot is home to one of the best splitters suited for your requirements. A strong contender is a log splitter model, powered by a robust Subaru EX27 engine, exercising a cycle time of 14 seconds. 

The website helps you with compelling cost offers and uses your location information to retrieve data about stores nearby, rendering it the right choice for renting a log splitter.


Rental HQ is another rental service platform with excellent and honest service. It is also a directory-based website connecting rental stores or companies with users looking for a log splitter.

The company aids the user with complete client satisfaction and aims to fulfill your requirements. You can quickly enter your location, and the website helps you pair up with companies according to your needs, in this instance, a log splitter.


Herc Rentals has established a strong presence in the sphere of equipment rental service. Primarily based in North America, this company provides customers with devices, tools, and solutions to reach their needs and provide optimal service.

It is an excellent website for people who are not ready to invest in a wood splitter completely. A fantastic model they feature includes a Baretto two-handed control system, charged by 8.7 hp gasoline. 

The website offers an accurate price quote with the help of your location or zip code.


A Tool Shed is a great equipment rental organization. It is a profound solution for a log splitter rental. The company features a large variety of rental inventory, presenting more choices for you to choose from.

With a fast delivery service and good customer service, A Tool Shed is an ideal rental place where you can find the best log splitter. It provides a 20-ton splitter that you can easily rent for any convenient period, depending on how long you want to use it.

The splitter is charged by a Honda 8.7hp GX270 engine, with a good cycle time of 20 seconds.  The offered prices range according to your chosen rental period.


Sunbelt Rentals is another known rental equipment company based in North America. The company includes a diversified mix of equipment, ranging from construction tools, industrial equipment, pumps, power generators, and more.

The company is known for its exceptional customer service, aiming to reach expectations. Sunbelt Rentals boasts of a 26-ton log splitter, with the ability to cut through logs in just 14 seconds.

It harbors all features you would want in a heavy-duty splitter, if not more. Powered by a 270cc Honda GX engine and weighing about 700 lbs, this log splitter is a favorable choice and a great solution!


United Rentals, Inc. It is the world’s largest rental equipment organization, owning about 13% of the North American market share as of 2019. The organization is home to the world’s largest rental fleet.

United Rentals also serves the construction and industrial companies, municipalities, homeowners, utilities, and more. It aims to fulfill customer needs in the best way possible and hopes to surpass expectations, rendering it a reliable and promising company, just for your requirements.

If you are particularly interested in renting a hydraulic wood splitter that is gas-fuelled, the United Rentals website is what you need. The website permits the user to insert their rental period and accordingly prices the rental log splitter.


Koopman Lumber and Hardware operates in Massachusetts, providing an excellent equipment rental service. The company has exceptional service and keeps in mind the client’s needs and demands to fulfill goals and expectations.

Koopman Lumber is another directory-based company. According to the search criteria, the website offers contact information of the respective rental company to the user.

Koopman Lumber provides information about three versatile log splitter models. They are the Cub cadet LS25, Oregon 22-Ton, and Cub Cadet LS27. All these devices have a sturdy framework and are robustly built. They include all the necessary features, helping you with all your wood splitting activities.


Rent equip is a fantastic rental business, establishing strong bonds with customers. With an utterly customer-centered service, this company strives to achieve and fulfill customer needs, giving the best customer experience to all.

Its wide variety of tools cater to party events, construction equipment, and available tools. With inspected and serviced inventory, Rent equip is an excellent choice for renting a log splitter. Another log splitter, weighing 700 lbs, and powered by a 270cc Honda GX engine, is an excellent option with a robust framework.


Simplex Equipment Rental has offered rental equipment to customers for more than a century. It helps you select the right tools for your requirements, aiding the customers in all ways.

With exceptional service and products, Simplex Equipment Rental is one of the best rental equipment companies. It provides versatile options and tools for you to choose from, including a 24-inch powered horizontal and vertical log splitter. The organization is reliable and promising, delivering all that is expected.


Handy Rents is a full-line tool and equipment rental service based in Northern Ohio. Providing exceptional customer experience, Handy Rents prioritizes safe and satisfying customer service.

The company provides personalized services, in addition to offering branded products and reasonable rental rates. Hardy Rents provides a strong log splitter, powered by a 270cc Honda GX engine, with a cycle time of 12 seconds. Its price ranges according to the rental period.


Battlefield Equipment rentals are another Canada-based rental equipment service. With efficient services, minimal costs, and responsive service, it forms an ideal place for your rental needs. Another directory-based website, battlefield Equipment rentals, allows the user to enter their location and accordingly shows them log splitter rental places near them.

The rental fees are wholly dependent on the rental period- which can be days, months, or weeks. Battlefield Equipment Rentals ensures reliable service, aiding the users to fill their needs and requirements.


Rental Village is an excellent rental equipment service. The company values honesty and integrity, in addition to helping the customers in the best way possible. It builds strong bonds with customers and values good quality service. Rental Village is known for its safety aspects and well-built prospects for the customers.

It provides good options for renting a log splitter. A convenient offer in the same sphere includes providing log splitters for a limited period at a reasonable rate. The prices are ranged from high to low, depending on the customer’s rental period.


Complete Rent-alls is an event and equipment rental company. It values customer care and service and strives to deliver the very best effort for the users. The company believes in focusing on having the best products and inventory to better aiding customers and fulfill requirements.

Complete Rent-all is including brand name products and equipment for home improvements or construction trade requirements. It offers a 20-ton log splitter that can be rented for hours, days, and weeks alike. The price ranges according to the rental period, with reasonable and affordable rates.

RENTAL YARD is a great online marketplace for rental equipment. It is a quick and accessible destination for renting new or used construction machinery, agricultural equipment, and more.

You can easily browse equipment based on your criteria (here, a log splitter) and by proximity to your location. offers a detailed listing platform with descriptions and photos to aid you in finding the right place for rental companies.


If you frequently split or cut wood for renovation, campfires, or other purposes, investing entirely in a log splitter is a good idea.

However, if your needs or requirements are more time-bound, and you intend to use the instrument for a limited period, renting it is a better idea.

You can rent the best log splitters, find one that suits you, and try it out before you purchase one yourself. Renting is profitable in terms of money and convenience if it fills your criteria.

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