The Best Tomato Varieties for Canning

The Best Tomato Varieties for Canning

Canning tomatoes is a time-honored tradition among garden enthusiasts. Canning is the best way to ensure your harvest stays edible for as long as possible. If you’re new to the wonderful tomato plant, you can learn here more about these beautiful fruits.

You might think that all tomatoes are the same regarding canning, but nothing could be further from the truth. Soon, you’ll discover that some tomatoes are much better at withstanding the canning process than others. You’ll also learn of a tomato that is world famous from one region of the world that everyone agrees is delicious when canned.

Roma tomatoes are everyone’s favorite

If you’ve ever eaten canned tomatoes that someone else canned, chances are pretty good that those were Roma tomatoes. These tomatoes are hearty, delicious, and can withstand the pressures of canning. The water content in the tomatoes is perfect because they won’t turn mushy when canned. Roma tomatoes are perfect for sauces, stews, and everyone’s favorite, salsa.

Heirloom tomatoes provide a flavor adventure

You should know that they offer a range of textures and tastes that are different than the rest. Varieties like Brandywine, Cherokee Purple, and Green Zebra are fantastic for canning. You must note the moisture content in the tomatoes when you’re canning them. Tomatoes with a higher amount of water content must be cooked longer so they aren’t as watery. What you’re trying to avoid is an overly watery final product that will seem thin.

San Marzano is a variety loved all over the world

Italians love San Marzano, and the rest of the world does, too. San Marzano are loved because of their sweet flavor and low acidity. If you’ve ever eaten marinara sauce, you’ve eaten San Marzano tomatoes. If you love tomato sauce, you need to plant some San Marzano tomatoes in your garden.

Cherry tomatoes aren’t just for salads

Some people might have never thought of canning cherry tomatoes. It’s so hard not to eat them right away after you harvest them. Cherry tomatoes are great for canning because of their small size, which means they cook quickly. When you choose the cherry variety, you won’t be waiting around all day to can your tomatoes.

Tips to ensure the canning process goes smoothly

The most important thing you want to do is seal the seals on your cans. You can get all kinds of foodborne illnesses if the seals on your cans aren’t properly sealed. You should also only can the ripest tomatoes that you have. If your tomatoes aren’t fully ripe, the end product won’t be anywhere near as delicious as they should be. Also, make sure you’re using a recipe you’ve used before and are familiar with. You don’t want to open up your canned tomatoes for a mystery treat that might not be such a treat after all.

Canning your tomatoes preserves your gardening fun all year long

Every time you look at and eat your canned tomatoes, you can think about all your fun in the garden. Every bite tastes of your hard work in the kitchen and garden. Gardening is all about putting in the effort and enjoying it later when you open up a can.

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