The DIY Guide on How to Make a Paper Water Balloon

The DIY Guide on How to Make a Paper Water Balloon

Creativity is the currency of the generation, and constantly trying new things is what keeps it alive and refreshed. Kids at their growing stage should be given the maximum exposure to creativity as it will open new doors for learning.

So, we are here with a bang-on activity that will keep your kids engaged and excited at the same time. So, are you excited to know what it is? It is a part of your most favorite water balloon drop game, a Paper Water Balloon.

Yes, you heard that right! In this session, we will be making a water balloon out of paper wherein you could fill water and play with it. This activity allows me to relive the memory that I had with my grandmother. She taught me how to make this paper balloon, and since then, I am an expert at it.

So, are you guys ready to know my quick, tried, and tested hacks that my grandma shared with me? I know you guys are already excited about it, so Paper Water Balloon; here we come!

Step By Step Guide to Make a Paper Water Balloon

While making your paper water balloon, you will need to stay quite focused and expert in actioning the folds of the paper. But trust us, it is going to be super fun. Even if you are not an expert in folding the papers per requirement, our steps will make you a pro. So here are your steps.

  1. Very firstly organize all your necessary items required during the process on your table.
  2. Once your items are organized well, take a craft paper of the above-mentioned size and fold it in half, keeping the colored part inside.
  3. Gently open the paper to normal and now fold it again but DIAGONALLY. Again, keeping your colored part inside.
  4. Now collapse your paper along the folds created and create a triangular shape.
  5. Once you have obtained the triangular shape, fold the endings towards upwards, meeting the top.
  6. Practice the same to the other side as well.
  7. Now, you need to fold the side corners to bring them to the center.
  8. Repeat the same step for the other side too.
  9. Take the top flap of the paper and fold it the same way as mentioned above.
  10. Now fold the triangle again to turn it into a small triangle.
  11. Now slowly lift the smaller triangle created by the fold in the last step and swiftly insert it in the pocket that would be created underneath.
  12. Repeat the same folding and inserting for the other three remaining sides.
  13. After doing so, you will eventually have a small hole created which you need to blow gently with your mouth.
  14. And there you go, your paper water balloon is ready to use. Fill the water and start enjoying it.

Things You’ll Need to Make Your Paper Water Balloon

You might be wondering what materials will be required to do this activity, right? But to your surprise, you will not require too many materials. It is just a square size paper and some water.

Yes, only two necessary materials and your paper water balloon are ready. Isn’t it exciting?

Points To Remember

Making a paper water balloon is exciting and fun and has important instructions that one cannot miss if they aim to make the best water balloon.

  1. Before beginning the process, have all your required things assembled.
  2. Please set up your child with one compulsory adult throughout the process to guide.
  3. Be very uniform with the folds you make.
  4. If you tend to get stuck in between, please re-read the steps calmly.
  5. You can use different colored craft papers that can make water balloons fun & exciting.


So, was not it an easy and exciting activity that your kids are going to love? Let us admit that during the growth years, kids learn more when exposed to creative activities. More of, if the creativity is related to water, they are just going to love it.

So, to add some exciting activities to your kid’s life to awaken their creative self. Do let us know through the comment section below if you and your kids loved making this super amazing paper water balloon.

We hope this article ignites or motivates you to ignite the creative learner in you. If, in case, you still have any doubt or questions on the above-discussed subject, then please feel free to voice it using the comment section below. 

We will get back to you at the earliest possible, with the best knowledge available on the same.

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