The Emotional Aspect of Long Distance Moving – The Closing of One Chapter is the Start of the Next

The Emotional Aspect of Long Distance Moving – The Closing of One Chapter is the Start of the Next

Change is a constant in everyone’s lives. It is something we can’t avoid and can’t hide from, so when it comes to making a life-altering change – such as moving across the country – it causes a ripple effect of additional changes to occur. Approaching a long-distance move can feel daunting, and many prefer to procrastinate as long as possible.

You may be able to avoid things for a little while, but once your move date comes, so do all the emotions. It is normal to go through a rollercoaster of feelings when undergoing significant life changes. Still, the question remains – what do you do with those emotions, and how can you funnel those into something beneficial…

Staying Connected with Friends & Families

One of the most beneficial aspects of having a support network is being able to lean on them when things get complicated. Even if you are leaving a place where most of your friends and family reside – you still have the opportunity to connect with them and express everything you are experiencing.

Community is why many of us continue – we choose to develop our neighborhoods, create new friendships over shared interests, and produce meaningful relationships out of some of the most challenging times.

Everyone has to move at one point or another in their lives, but long-distance moving means leaving some of those cherished relationships and memories behind.

You can still reach out to your support network for help and support. Don’t allow your pride to get the best of you – reach out to your friends and family for assistance with your move in the physical and emotional sense. We really do get by with a bit of help from our friends and family members!

Allow Yourself Time to Adjust

Even when working with full-service movers, there is still much to do when moving across state lines. You may have to transfer or change bank accounts, acquire a new driver’s license and plates, set up electricity, cable, internet, etc. The list goes on forever, and dealing with that kind of busy work makes it hard to find time to pause and adjust to your surroundings.

Just as after you have been in a dark room and the lights flip on, your eyes need time to adjust – so do your mental state and emotional being. Give yourself some time to figure out life in your new environment. Celebrate your long-distance move and the newest chapter of your life and mourn the previous. It is okay not to be totally okay all the time!

Explore and Adventure in Your New Surroundings

Getting excited about something new is one of the greatest aspects of long-distance moving. You can explore, adventure, and discover new things, places & new people. This is a chance to live in the moment, have a good time and use the occasion to relish in self-exploration and unknown terrain.

There are many different motivations for moving – a new job, education, change of scenery, new life, loss, and so much more. Whatever that motivation may be, allow yourself to feel that, explore that, and gain a better understanding of yourself and your new home!

Make New Connections

A person’s support system should be composed of people you can trust – your movers are no exception. Making new connections and establishing new relationships are all a part of the moving process. Carve time out to ensure you create relationships with people that serve your life and instill positivity for your future.

It is impossible for us to get by while simply walking the road alone. Traveling across the interstate and managing the emotions that come with that can become too much to bear – that is why having movers you can depend on and developing new friendships you can lean on will significantly change your circumstances and allow for joy to enter this next chapter of your life.

Practice Self-Care & Let Your Movers Do the Work

When you are making a significant move, there is a preparation period, followed by an adjustment period, and that is something you can expect. Everyone is different in how they choose to deal with an interstate move, but one thing remains a constant – you have to give yourself some grace.

Practicing self-care and allowing yourself some time to look after your emotions can make all the difference in how you perceive and experience your move.

Eden’s Moving Services is a full-service mover assisting clients across America, providing white glove treatment so you can take time out for yourself. Eden’s movers have over a decade of experience supporting and completing cross-country moves.

That experience, coupled with the art of packing, handling, and storage solutions, helps to supply safety and security for their clients’ lives, household goods, and future. When you need a set of shoulders to lean on, Eden’s Moving Services give you someone to count on and a safe space to land!

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