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A pillow is not just part of our bed or part of home décor. We sometimes just use it while sleeping to give support to our neck for better sleep after our busy day. It has its own history just like your stunning terrariums. Traces of pillows have been found in ancient Egypt. Records have shown that only rich people were able to use pillows for sleeping. More pillow was meant for higher status in society. Not just Egypt, traces have been found in Mesopotamia to Ancient China.

Today we will talk about the pillow, which has just not been made for better sleeping. We are talking about- The Eva Pillow from Eva Australia.

The Eva Pillow supports the body at rest for comfort and therapy, and It is soft-yet-supportive and packed full of the features you really need in your pillow. It is not like other pillows with weird shapes, sizes, designs, or claims for some miracle. It is a personalized memory foam base pillow. I will not exaggerate, but it is the best memory foam pillow in Australia.

What makes it unique

It has those unique features which we rarely see in other pillows.

The Eva Pillow is made up of custom memory foam. This feature makes it unique. You can use it with and without the cover as per your comfort. So say goodbye to those pillows who lose their shape, size, and comfort. The Eva Pillow is designed with custom memory foam which maintains the shape and comfort as per your neck and retains the form which makes you love The Eva Pillow.

Comfort is one side of the unique features; next, it is better for your health as well. The Eva Pillow is made up of activated charcoal, which absorbs the moisture and never lets bacteria grow. This feature helps the pillow to stay odor-free and infection-free. These features ensure your better sleep and ensure you always wake up refreshed every time whether you sleep in your patio or in your bedroom.

The Eva Pillow is made up of their signature TENCEL™ fabric, which ensures the proper airflow, helps maintain the temperature, and keeps the pillow cool.

The Eva Pillow is lightweight and has only 1.2kg of weight with a dimension of 40cm×62cm×14cm.

What do you get

EVA is known for its customer service. The way they give trial days for their Mattress, here also they are giving 120-nights to trial the pillow in the comfort of your own home. This deal is a win-win deal for you.

The way each coin has two sides in the same way we have pros and cons of Memory Foam Pillows

Let’s talk about the advantages of using Memory Foam Pillows

  • It retains its shape always when you take off your head. It is essential to make your spine straight and aligned. It keeps your head on an incline.
  • It helps to prevent Snoring because these pillows keep your head in an incline position, resulting in the head remaining aligned with your neck, making the passage open and often stopping snoring.
  • As mentioned above, it relieves neck, shoulder, and back pain.
  • It gives relief from the pressure points.
  • It comes in many options as per the medical condition. For example, we have therapeutic memory foam and Orthopedic options for neck pain.

Let’s talk about the Disadvantages of Using Memory Foam.

  • As it is made up of chemicals, most of these pillows are packed in plastics at the end of the production. So it gets trapped, and when you open it, the chemical and the odor go inside our lungs.
  • Some Memory foams are so dense that it makes it very hard for material to take a breath. The quality of breathability depends on the manufacturer and the quality of the pillow. However, as mentioned above, The Eva Pillow is one of the rare pillows which comes with breathability.
  • Retains the Body Heat, many pillows are not designed for breathability, which keeps the body heat. However, The Eva Pillow has pores and charcoal, which helps to maintain the temperature and keep it cool.

CAUTIONS- People who shouldn’t use Memory Foam

  • Not for Babies- Most pediatricians have denied using these memory foam for the children before they get the age of two years, and if you give them, it should be a child-size pillow.
  • People who are very sensitive or conscious about the chemicals. They should wait for 24hrs before using the foam. They should keep it open for 24hrs before covering it.
  • If the person has allergic to chemicals, then they should avoid using these pillows. Reasons are that many studies have shown that one of the significant components is VOCs(Volatile Organic compounds)

The best thing is to get satisfied with yourself. Whenever you are purchasing, then always read the tag and packaging materials mentioned in it. You have to be very careful when you are buying online. Be sure to read all the information mentioned on the tag and always be double sure.

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