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The Magic of Lagoon Living: What Lies Underneath the Surface?


The appeal of a crystal lagoon is something that draws people from across the globe. Anyone who is searching for a cleaner, safer, and more affordable way to enjoy living in a tropical paradise chilling inside their enclosed patio will agree once they visit these locations.

To some, lagoon living, like what is offered by Epperson by Metro Places is still unknown. While this is true, there are others who have flocked to these areas for all the benefits they offer. Keep reading to learn what these are and make an educated decision regarding if this is a great place to live.

What Is Offered by Lagoon Life?

Crystal blue waters, beautiful palm trees, gorgeous hillside landscaping, endless white sand -; this sounds like a picture right out of a travel magazine. The only thing that is missing from lagoon is the smell of the sea air and the sound the waves make when they hit the water.

It is important to note that a lagoon is not a real beach in the sense of what people consider a beach to be. In fact, it is a 16-million-gallon body of water that is manmade, sitting on an eight-acre plot of land. The Lagoon at Epperson is located approximately 25 miles from the coast of Tampa, and it is a community of the West Chapel area.

The concept of lagoon living got its start in the Middle East and South America. While this is true, it is now beginning to spread and take hold across the United States. Currently, there are five lagoon communities that are open in the states of Texas and Florida. There are seven more of these communities planned to open in the coming years, with the states of Pennsylvania and California adding them to the mix.

The Builders Behind Lagoon Living

Currently, there are about seven builders, including several public companies, including D.R. Horton, Pulte, and Lennar that are now putting together over 1,000 homes next to and around the lagoon areas. The homes are starting to sell much faster than the comparable homes that are not located near a lagoon.

Epperson witnessed a sales increase of 21% in sales when the model homes opened in the preconstruction period. This occurred over a period of five months. Compare this to the one to five percent increase in the competitive communities in the local area.

For most of the builders, the lagoon is the thing that really stands out and provides the differentiator. There are homes across the Tampa area that have been constructed for a number of years. When someone chooses lagoon living, it provides them with a new perk or amenity to enjoy. There are all sorts of things to do in these communities, including traditional clubhouses, golf courses, and even the eight-acre lagoon, which provides countless water activities and sports.

About the Lagoon

The actual lagoon is considered a bit of a technical feat. This is a constantly filtered body of water, and if there is a vacuum-like machine that will run throughout the day, which removes any type of foreign matter or other debris. The entire lagoon is constantly monitored by a Florida-based control center. Here, it is possible to view any type of foreign matter, such as an alligator, right away. This is something

that occurred at the Epperson lagoon, but it was able to be detected and removed quickly before any issues occurred.

This is considered patented technology. As a result, it means that the disinfection process that is used is not fully explained; however, it is known that ultrasonic systems are used. This results in 100 times fewer chemicals than a traditional swimming pool and just around two percent of all the energy. This is what makes everything “work.”

Who Should Consider Lagoon Living?

The fact is that lagoon living is something that can appeal to everyone. Both young and old people find this type of community extremely exciting.

There are more than a few amenities and features to enjoy and the cost of living is low. However, there are also several things to do and consider before moving forward and moving in the area.

While lagoon living seems appealing, it is important to note that it may not be right for everyone. This is a great location for people who love the water and want fast and easy access to clean and safe water at all times. This water does not have the chemicals that swimming pools are known for and all debris and nefarious “critters” are removed.

Moving into a Lagoon Community

When it comes to moving into a lagoon community, there are many factors that need to be considered. Take some time to tour the area and ensure that the desired results are achieved. In most cases, viewing a model home in the area and then touring the entire eight-acre property is a great way to see what this area has to offer.

Don’t underestimate the benefits offered by living by the water. There are health benefits offered by living by the water, which is something that has been proven time and time again. While these areas may not have the saltwater spray or the crashing waves, they are just as relaxing and appealing. Everyone can enjoy lagoon living from individuals to couples with young children and even people who have retired.

Finding the Right Lagoon Community

When it comes to lagoon living, there are several communities to consider. Be sure to get to know what the options are to find the one that is right for the individuals who want to move there. Being informed and touring the different areas is some of the best ways to ensure that the right community is chosen.

Lagoon living is a new way to enjoy living on the water. This is something that is appealing to almost everyone and something that people should consider. It is a fun way to live life and enjoy all that the modern world has to offer.

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