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Twitch stars attract millions of gamers where they can watch their favourite streamers showcase their playing skills. Since it is the time of online streaming that is most attractive for the players, Facebook and YouTube are the famous live streaming platforms. At the same time, Twitch maintains its number one position.

Also, many Twitch users get a million viewership on the Twitch space as soon as they go live from their accounts. So, among all those, some streamers have earned steady fame and have maintained a high viewership for more than a decade. Twitch space works similar to the live casino, such as available at where you experience live gaming; however, the difference is that at Twitch, it is the only streamer participating in the competition while the rest is viewership that comments on the screen.


Ninja has the highest fan followers, which are 18.2 million. Majorly, Ninja is famous for the Fortnite game, but it is more associated with that. He is currently playing a variety of games, but there is no denying to t in Fortnite, he has touched the never before-achieved fame on Twitch. So now he is focused on different big titles such as Hotel Transylvania: Transformia movie.


He is a famous Youtuber and produces super amazing content on Twitch too. With 9.8 followers, TheGrefg’s mainstreaming preferences lie in Minecraft and Fortnite, but recently his popularity has elevated with Among Us and Fall Guys.


Recently Shroud has entered into various games, but this Twitch user earned 10 million fans when he was recognized as a human aimbot because of his targetted playing strategies for PUBG and CS: GO. After some time, his interests leaned toward Mixer, but again he returned to his basic domain of playing that elevated his fan numbers.


Ibai Llanos is a Spanish streamer who got fame from League of Legends casting. However, currently, he is streaming a variety of content. In 2014 when he started streaming for League of Legends, he was also a content creator for G2 esports. Afterwards, he moved to his organization named KOI. Ibai also worked for FC Barcelona player Gerard Pique.

xQc – Followers: 10.6 million

Majorly known for Overwatch, Felix’ xQc’ I’d now into the various games. Recently he has been working as a content creator for Luminosity Gaming. He is quite famous among the fans as his ‘Just Chatting’ pulls a massive audience of 50,000 viewers. So, in 2021, he was the most-watched streamer on Twitch. Even now, he is famous for streaming a different number of games.


This famous Twitch user, with 11 million, has its fanbase for the games such as Call of Duty and Fortnite. Currently, Tfue has moved on from Fortnite, but in 2018 he was the only player who rivalled Ninja for the game. In the year 2019, his viewership rose quite well.


Majorly English speakers are known widely for gathering the international community, and among them, Rubuis is one of the non-English speakers with 11.7 million followers. He is majorly popular in various games, and his main content is YouTube-focused, but his strong fanbase does not leave him alone on Twitch.


With the second-highest follower count, which is 12.5 million, Auronplay has gained popularity for a variety of games. He is a top-notch GTA V player. Since the time he gained fame, he has been working as one of the content creators of Among Us. Auronplay was also banned on Twitch in 2021, but it was restored after 20 minutes.


Pokimane, with 91 followers, shows that these are not only the males who are best at streaming video games. She is known for a wide variety of games, but her fame lies in streaming League of Legends and Fortnite. In 2021, she was a top female streamer on Twitch.


Amongst the highly watched streamers, sodapoppin has maintained one-decade fame on his account. Though he got suspended for two weeks in April, however, in May has made a remarkable comeback while maintaining his steady viewership of 8.8 million.


Juan is a Colombia-based Twitch streamer whose followers count is more than 7.9 million. However, he is currently residing in Mexico, and from there, he also draws a big audience. In fact, he is recognized as a top streamer of South America who, apart from streaming Grand Theft Auto and Minecraft as the main games, streams many other varieties too.


Some other streamers have the incredible skills to play the famous games that earn them instant fame. One such name is TSM Myth, who currently enjoys his popularity among 7.43 million fans. He has shown outstanding skills in Fortnite; even when viewers’ interest in the game has fluctuated, he has maintained his big following through other variety of games while maintaining his skilful moves.

Will Stephenson
Will Stephenson, who has a degree in computer science holds a position of repute in the digital interactive entertainment. He began his career 30 years ago. His expertise lies in blending technology with storytelling, creating immersive experiences. Among the slew of previous endeavors of Will include founding a game studio and mentoring young developers. His passion for virtual world-building parallels his interest in robotics and model railroading. Along with that, he is an avid reader and enjoys amateur astronomy in his free time.

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