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The Usefulness of King Mattress Protector and 20 lb weighted Blanket


If you sleep on a king size mattress, you need a king mattress protector. This mattress protector will help keep your king mattress in good shape. Also, 20 lb weighted blanket isn’t a bad choice for you. For you to enjoy quality sleep, your bed accessories really matter.

In this article, you shall read about interesting reasons the king mattress protector and 20 lb weighted blanket are useful for you.

What is king mattress protector?

A king mattress protector is designed to protect your king mattress from any spills or foreign objects. From all indications, it is simply a covering for your mattress.

This mattress protector absorbs all kinds of particles or dirts your mattress could be exposed to. However, it is not just a protector to your mattress only, it also protects you! It makes you feel super comfortable while sleeping. It takes just a minimal space on your mattress.

Why Do You Need A King Mattress Protector?

It makes your mattress easy to sleep on. Yes, this is one advantage of your king mattress protector. Your bed is no longer messy. It keeps your mattress in good shape and you easily fall asleep on your bed.

It has waterproof barrier. Yes, this king mattress protector absorbs water, urine and liquid. You no longer have to sleep on any wet spot on your bed.

It has temperature regulation and is breathable. This mattress protector keeps you cool all nights. You also do not have to worry about the flow of air.

Another usefulness of the king mattress protector is that it makes your king mattress durable. This adds extra life to your bed. You do not have to keep changing mattress each year.

What is 20 lb weighted blanket?

Blankets serve multiple functions. However, there are some blankets that are not so comfortable to use.

The 20 lb weighted blanket is easy to use. It is advisable to use blankets that weigh about 7% to 12% of your body weight. is about 12 to 20 pounds. The 20 lb weighted blanket is available in varying degrees of weights. Your body size has to compliment the lb weighted blanket you are purchasing.

What is the usefulness of the 20 lb weighted blanket?

The lb weighted blanket gives you a warm feel like never before. It hugs and envelopes you while sleeping.

Also, you need the lb weighted blanket because it is breathable. It allows the free passage of air through the fabric.

The 20 lb weighted blanket is hypoallergenic. It is resistant to bacteria, pathogens, and dust mites. It does not cause any irritation on your skin.

Also 20 lb weighted blanket is easy to maintain. All you need is to be gentle while washing it. Cold water is used in washing your blanket.

The lb weighted blanket is durable. This is one advantage of getting one. Apart from the warm feel it gives, it lasts long and gives you the value for your money.


All you need for your 76 inches wide and 80 inches long mattress today is the king mattress protector. It keeps it in good shape.

Also, 20 lb weighted blanket is unique and different from other blankets in the market. So breathable and has temperature regulation.

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