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These Are the Signs of Cockroaches in Homes


Nothing makes a home feel dirtier than watching a cockroach walk across the counter.

The fear that a friend or family member may potentially come across one of these pests at your home is stress-inducing. Soon your potluck or family dishes will sit untouched, and your home will no longer be in the running to host the next family gathering. You, your home, and your family have been marked as the “dirty.”

So, stop the cockroaches in their gross little tracks. Knowing the signs of cockroaches can help you prevent disease, expense, and ridicule. Keep reading to learn more.


If you notice a musty or oily smell, you may already have a cockroach infestation.

Secretions, decomposing carcasses, dropping can all contribute to the unpleasant odor that not plagues your home.

You Find a Body

Dead or alive.

Cockroaches are carriers of disease and bacteria. You may only be able to find corpses if you look around during the day. However, if you have a late-night craving for milk or find yourself in the kitchen, you may be able to see one or more scurry across your counters.

Finding a cockroach carcass is unnerving in itself. Yet, seeing these mostly nocturnal pests in your home and watching what they walk across household surfaces can have you deep-cleaning well into the morning.

That’s Not Dirt

Cockroach signs aren’t always as easy to spot.

If you have darker surfaces in your home, that may make spotting cockroach droppings even harder.

Like coffee grounds, black pepper flakes, or dark crumbs, cockroach droppings are small and dark. Droppings can often be found on counters, shelves in both the kitchen or bathroom, on the floor, appliances, or in your pantry.

Eggs With Legs

Getting rid of roaches can be difficult. Professional intervention may be needed if you wish to safeguard your home or treat an existing cockroach infestation.

Spotting this cockroach problem will aid you with delaying a possible infestation. Cockroach eggs or ootheca, are oblong and can vary in color from brown to opaque. Cockroach eggs hatch in a matter of days.

The sooner you spot these eggs, the more time you can buy yourself. Preferring to lay their eggs in dark areas, cockroaches can also lay their eggs in your books, inside cabinets, and behind furniture.

Look Out for These Signs of Cockroaches

Knowing the signs of cockroaches in your home can help you stop them from becoming an infestation.

A health concern for anyone should be having food around pests that carry disease. Your home should be a sanctuary for you and your family, not a vacation spot for cockroaches. Fear of ridicule, disgust, and uneasiness are feelings anyone with pests could have.

If you see any signs you have cockroaches, ask for help.

Are you interested in learning more about keeping your home free of cockroaches? Check out our other articles on pest control.

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