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Moving to college is usually the first big move away from home for all of us. It can be tough to figure out how to move everything you need into a tiny dorm room. Packing decisions when it comes to the bog college move can be quite stressful, and when you actually get to college, figuring out how to settle everything in is a whole new ball game. Things can get pretty chaotic unless you have a solid plan for moving. Here are a few tips and tricks from my personal experience that may help you get a hold of the logistics of a college move.

1. Pick a good time slot

Try to move in to campus at a good time. Consider the weather, traffic, and parking. For instance when I was moving to college I chose local movers LA wasn’t new to, so they could navigate the traffic and routes. If you’re moving by yourself, moving during the day would be better as you might rope in volunteers to help.

2. Bring Essential Unpacking Supplies

Some things that I deem essential for move ins are a rubber mallet (to adjust your bed height if its loftable), cleaning supplies, scissors to opening boxes and cut zip ties, wall mounting strips, trash bags, a cart to lug your boxes around. I say these are essential because everyone will need them for moving in day, and the few the dorm has will always be in use.

3. BYOB- Bring your own bedding

Dorm mattresses have the tendency to suck… bad. If not your own mattress, bring a mattress pad. Additionally, your own pillow and/or a pillow protector can be a lifesaver. Just make sure you know what size your mattress needs to be. Dorms usually have twin xl beds, but better to make sure before you shop.

4. Ditch the suitcases.

You won’t have space for them. Trust me. Pack your clothes in a laundry hamper and trash bags. Yes, you did not misread that. Trashbags are the best way to pack clothes. Put your clothes on hangers, and lift them up into the bag. A hole on the top of the bag allows the hanger hooks to poke out. All you need to do when you arrive is hang them up.

5. Be savvy with Electronics

Bring an extension cord or power strips since dorm rooms almost never have enough power outlets. Don’t bring a TV, your laptop is sufficient for all your Netflix binge watching, just invest in a good set of headphones.

6. Loft your bed

Remember the rubber mallet in tip 1? Use it to raise your bed high enough for you to be able to fit stuff underneath like enclosed deck. If you can loft your bed high enough, you can fit your desk underneath which makes your room feel much bigger, a perfect solution for small dorm rooms.

Good luck with your big move and remember to take tons of pictures. Don’t expect to feel right at home the very first day. Take away some best frisbee as well to keep yourself playful in those small dorm rooms. It will take some getting used to, and as you adjust things one at a time, it will start feeling like home soon enough.

Connor West
Connor West, an alumnus of therUniversity of Texas with a degree in Organizational Behavior, has actively contributed to our platform since 2020. His career commenced in logistics management, where he developed a keen understanding of efficient systems and effective planning. His articles, often added with personal anecdotes from his extensive travel experiences, have helped countless readers easily navigate complex situations. In his free time, Connor is an enthusiastic rock climber, a hobby that complements his focus on strategic thinking and problem-solving.

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