Types of String You Can Use to Repair Wind Chimes

Types of String You Can Use to Repair Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are always one of the most eye-catching parts of the interior design, though restringing of wind chimes is not very commonly seen anywhere wind chimes are not just a showpiece many of the people who have wind chimes in their home develop emotions for the wind chimes and rather try to restring the old wind chimes than buying new ones.

Also, sometimes wind chimes are precious as they were either gifted or of expensive material, so people try not to throw them and restring and repair them.

Though people decide to restring the wind chimes but most of the time they do not know how to restring the wind chimes. The most important factors of restringing of wind chimes are the selection of strings to restring and the knot that will be used to restring the wind chimes.

Knots are of many types and they can be easily learned with the use of the internet nowadays. Then the main problem arises with the selection of strings as if the strings are not right for the wind chimes, they would not be restrung properly, and sometimes due to the wrong selection of restringing strings wind chimes get broken.

So, the individual should choose the strings for restringing by focusing on several factors like strongness, flexibility & durability, etc.

To restring the wind chimes there 2 strings that are best to use as they are strong and durable. They are:

1. Fishing Line Strings

Fishing Line Strings

Fishing line strings are one of the best strings that can be used for the restringing of wind chimes. Yes, maybe it sounds weird initially, but the qualities needed in the string for restringing of wind chimes are present in the fishing line strings i.e., flexibility, durability & strength to hold the parts of wind chimes in proper structure.

There are lots of advantages for using the fishing line strings to restring the wind chimes and one of the most important advantages is that it enhances the looks of the wind chimes as the standard color of fishing line strings are white and they are very thin.

Fishing Line Strings

So, when a restrained wind chime is being hanged it will give a magical look like the wind chime is floating in the air as after being placed a certain distance the fishing line strings are invisible due to their color and thin structure.

The fishing line strings have several other advantages as a string for restringing wind chimes like it is very light in weight so a little breeze will make wind chimes dance like a peacock. Due to its lightweight, it is the best string for restringing of light-weighted wind chimes and, they are very cost-friendly and are very easily available in every part of the world.

2. Braided Cord Strings

Braided Cord Strings

The next option for restringing wind chimes is the usage of braided cord strings. Braided cord rings are the smallest version of braided ropes, and they are also known for their strength and strongness. The braided strings can be easily used for restringing of wind chimes that are broken due to their old weak strings.

Braided cord strings are best for restringing wind chimes that are heavy, as braided cord strings can easily hold weights heavier than their size and due to their durability, they can enhance the life cycle of wind chimes. They are black in color generally, but they are available in almost every color.

The braided cords are very cost-friendly and easily available. Its non-corrosive property makes it ideal for using it in restringing the wind chimes as many of the wind chimes are hung near the window or something where its strings obtain friction and after some time collides but by using the braided cord strings the heavy wind chimes can be restrung easily and can be placed anywhere without the fear of corrosion or extra strong wind due to which sometimes wind chimes get broken.

Braided Cord Strings

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