How to Put on a Saw Blade on a Black Decker LST136W Chainsaw – A Complete Guide

Black Decker LST136W Chainsaw

Corded and Cordless Black + Decker saws are easy to use lightweight and powered handsaws that are used for industrial as well as for DIY projects. It is a powerful tool that comprises many things such as blades, wires, and a set of teeth that is used for cutting purposes. This tool is generally used for large cutting and not for small cutting that we do in our backyard. This is why this is quite expensive because it is a machine that is used for industrial purposes.

How to Put a Blade on a Black Decker Saw?

How to Put a Blade on a Black Decker Saw

Well, the most important task is to put a blade on the black decker saw so that if the original blade gets damaged then you can put on a new blade and make the machine start working again. So, now, we will discuss how we can put on blades on a Black Decker LST136W Saw. So, the first and the foremost step is to press the saw’s arbor-lack button and then rotate it till the locking mechanism gets engaged. Once done, then use the wrench tool to remove the arbor nuts that are holding the blade.

When you are rotating the wrench to lose the grip of the arbor nuts then you can start rotating the wrench in the right direction to lose the grip. Now, once you are done with losing the grip then you can start with retracting the saw’s upper blade guard and hence you will be able to remove the old blade. Once you remove the old blade then you are ready to put on a new blade in place of the old one.

Now, as you are ready to put on a new blade in place of the old one, all you need to do is to slip the new blade on the saw’s arbor from where you have removed the old blade. You have to put the new blade in the correct position so make sure that the teeth of the saw are facing the direction of the rotation. If the position is right, then you can go ahead and put the blade in that position and fix that.

Once the blade has been fixed in its right position then all you need to do is to tighten the nuts and bolts so that the blade does not slip away. For this, you might need to give a closer look at how the nuts and bolts were fixed on the old blade. Use a wrench and other tools so that you do not miss any space or gap between the nuts and tools and it gets tightened enough to slip away.

Quick-Change Blade Mechanism

Quick-Change Blade Mechanism

There are various such machines available with some new technologies that require some special kind of attention to change their old blades. The higher-end models include this quick-change blade mechanism where you need to unplug the saw and then let the blade get cold enough to be used. Once it is cool enough, all you need to do is to hold the new blade and keep the direction of the teeth in the direction of rotation. In this way, you will be able to change the blade in no time.

Let’s Summarize

The higher-end models do require additional workloads so that they can get enough attention to change the blades. This is because they do not require much time and if the parts are put correctly then it will not take much time to adjust the new blade in the position of the old blade.

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