10 Ultimate Frisbee Games for Physical Education: Throw, Catch and Run to Save the Day

Frisbee Games

Physical fitness has always been an important key to leading a healthy lifestyle. It is the secret of a happy body inside out. But, in today’s digitalized world of online games and shows, physical fitness is not being followed as it should be.

Physical fitness can be obtained only with some physical education. Now, this does not mean only yoga and hardcore exercises should be taught to kids. As an important subject in high school, physical education is taught to children through games and sports. But apart from cricket and football, did you know that physical education could be boosted with a frisbee disc too? Well, yes! You sure can.

If you are bored of playing those typical sports, try these fun games out of frisbee discs to boost your physical as well as mental health.

1. Kan Jam Frisbee

Kan Jam Frisbee

This is one of the best ultimate frisbee disc games people love out there. You will need a few frisbees and some large boxes or cans. Four players, divided into two teams, will try throwing their frisbee disc into the opposite team’s can or box. The other players can deflect the disc while it is in the air to get it into the can.

Now, if your team deflects the frisbee into the can, you get two points. If you yourself succeed in throwing the disc in the can, you win three points. If your disc touches or hits the can, you get one point. The team to score 20 points first wins the game. In this game, the winning condition can be changed according to you. This game goes quite interestingly and lasts for quite some time.

2. Frisbee Golf

Frisbee Golf

Frisbee golf is another fun game that can be played with as many people as you like. Take a few numbered baskets and set up a frisbee golf course around your lawn or garden. Just like it happens in golf, each player will take turns to throw the disc into the basket. You need to take as few chances as possible to get the frisbee into the basket. After all the players are done, the one with the lowest score wins.

It is quite an interesting game when played with more people.

3. Frisbee Water Race

Frisbee Water Race

This water race with frisbee might sound a little childish to play but requires very much hard work to excel at. All the players here will have a frisbee filled with water on their heads. While balancing the frisbee with water on your head, you need to race towards the finish line. Whoever wins the race wins the game.

However, the water in the frisbee cannot be spilled too much. Be it little kids or young adults, this game can freshen up any mind with ease.

4. Frisbee Flip

Frisbee flip is just a simple game played by all age groups but would be more fun for younger kids. Frisbee flip starts with a toss of the frisbee itself. Two teams of kids choose either side (top or bottom) of the disc for themselves. The frisbee is tossed into the air just as you would a coin to obtain one side of the frisbee facing up.

Whichever team’s side comes up, their members are required to run to a predetermined spot. The members of the other team are supposed to catch them. This game can be played with small as well as large teams. Two kids can also play this game to pass their time with some exercise. The simplicity of this game is not liked by many adults and high school kids.

5. Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee

This game is played like soccer. Players try getting the frisbee into the goal. Split the players into two teams of seven (have at least 4-5 players in each team). Now, please pass on the disc to a teammate in the air, eventually to get it into the goal. However, you need to stop once the disc comes into your hands.

This is one of the most loved games of frisbee among teenagers and young adults. This is the perfect game if you wish to encourage hardcore physical exercising among children.

6. Hula Hoop Frisbee

Hula Hoop Frisbee

Take a few hula hoops and a frisbee disc to play this super fun game. Hang the hoops to a tree or anywhere in the garden. Now, each player will be getting specific chances (say 2, 3, or 5) to throw the disc through any of the hanging hoops. Points will be earned when your throw goes through the hula hoop, simple! If you have more than 1 hula hoop for the game, you can hang them at some distance and appoint different points for each one of them.

7. Frisbee Bowling

Frisbee Bowling

This super fun bowling game might seem quite easy to play, but someone who has ever tried knocking off the bowling pins with a frisbee disc would know! For this game, you can replace bowling pins with bottles or cans. Just arrange them like bowling pins and try knocking them off with a disc. Decide different points for each number of bottles knocked off to add more fun.

8. Frisbee H-O-R-S-E

This frisbee HORSE game is legit much more fun than the simple version of the HORSE game. We will not be shooting hoops here; we will instead use a frisbee. So, the first player of this game will create a challenge with the frisbee (example: hitting a specific target with the disc). Now, if that player completes the challenge, everyone else must try it. 

For each task completion, earn a letter from HORSE. The game continues with everyone giving challenges one by one until you receive the whole HORSE.

9. Shield Throw with Frisbee

Shield Throw with Frisbee

This is the perfect game for a group of kids who are getting super bored right now. You will need a few cans and a frisbee disc to play this version of shield throwing. First, arrange the cans in the form of a tower on a table. Each player will now have to knock off all the cans from the table with the disc. Three chances will be given, and the distance would be predefined.

The best part about this game is that you can play it anywhere. You can replace the cans with a few water bottles, disposable cups, glasses, or anything for that matter.

10. Frisbee Baseball

Frisbee Baseball

As the name tells, frisbee baseball is played on the base rules of typical baseball. Teams in this game, too, will try to earn the most runs. All you need to do is replace the bat with a frisbee disc. The batter will throw the disc and will run bases. Now, if a fielding player catches the disc, the batter would be out. Sounds interesting, right? Well, it sure is.

The whole setup must be done as you would do for baseball. Moreover, it is a game for large groups. Usually, a team should have 9 members, that is 18 players in all. But a game with at least 14 members will work too.


You, too, can come up with many more frisbee games of your own just like these above ones. Either dig in with your creative mind or build a game with a pre-existing sport approach; the choice is yours. Sports and games are important to boost the energy of children, and a frisbee disc does just that.

Whether it is your children who are getting bored at home or your PE students from school, play these frisbee games with them. This will not only boost their physical energy but will also give them a mental break from their daily schedules.

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