Frisbee Disc Dimensions: How Wide and Long is a Frisbee?

Frisbee Disc Dimensions How Wide and Long is a Frisbee

Frisbee is also known as a flying disc. It is used by many individuals for a fun sport. It is generally made up of molded plastic, giving it a circle shape and having a diameter of 8-10 inches. The sport is played using this disc with the technique of throwing and catching.

Frisbee disc is made so that it can be aimed at accuracy and reaches the correct point where it is thrown for. The trademark registered under frisbee is of the Wham-O toy company.

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Disc Dimensions

All the dimensions provided below are basic disc dimensions and not for any specific disc.

Diameter – This is a measurement of the whole rim. There is not much difference in the size of the golf disc, but it is generally between 21-21.4 centimeters.

Height – This refers to the measurement of how tall the disc is. Distance driver average is around 1.65 centimeters; Fairway driver average is 1.77 centimeters, Midrange average is 1.97 centimeters, Putter average is 2.11 centimeters tall.

Rim Height – This is measured from the inside of a disc from where it is held off to throw at a distance. The discs which are tall Usually have taller rims, but it is not the same thing always. It also depends on the thickness of the plastic and the exterior curve of the disc.

Rim Width – This can also be referred to as wing length. It is the measurement of the disc rim’s width. Wider rims mean faster disc. According to guidelines, rim width cannot be more than 2.5 centimeters. If you want a comfortable grip, then knowing the width of the rim is mandatory.

Golfers who play disc sport are very well versed with the rim width, and they always keep a check on it while buying new discs. We recommend buying an average width rim so as for effective control over the disc.

Things To Remember While Buying a Frisbee Disc


According to the rules and regulations,

The standard weight for a frisbee disc is 175 grams. But being a beginner, you can buy a heavily weighted disc as its flies longer.


Buying a durable disc is a must because if the disc isn’t durable, it will cause wear and tear easily, which will further interrupt flying.

Throwability and Forgivability

The disc should work well if thrown in different ways and should also have a good grip over your hand. The disc should not be unstable because if it is unstable, then it won’t be able to adjust in the air, which is known as its forgivability.

Materials used

Best quality frisbee is made of hard plastic, which will not wear and tear easily. If you are buying frisbee for kids, buy the one made up of soft fabric elements. A disc that cracks and gets floppy in heat is the sign of cheap quality materials used in frisbee.

Rim of disc

Disc rim should be of good width and shape. Some disc has deep rims which allow players to maintain a good grip and hold.


Frisbee disc is an outstanding sport played by many people, and the materials used to make that disc should be of high quality to maintain its durability. The wideness and other measurements also matter a lot, like the feature of the disc to maintain good grip control. In this article above we have also discussed the best ultimate frisbee disc, so make your choice wisely and have fun.

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