16 Weird and Rare Houseplants You Must Buy!

16 Weird and Rare Houseplants You Must Buy!

Are you searching for unique varieties of rare houseplants to decorate your favorite space in your home?

Plants can highlight your space’s aesthetics with their striking looks and add positive vibes to your room.

Who would not love some greenery and fresh air in their home? But if it is exotic and comes with weird-looking foliage, it can add to the beauty even more.

Houseplants are always a better option than random decorative pieces to grab the attention of your guests.

From cacti to succulents, there is a wide range of houseplants you can consider including in your space.

Let us Have a Look at Some of the Rare Houseplants Available:

1. Jewel Orchid (Macodes Petola)

One of the most stunning houseplants that look breathtakingly pretty is the jewel orchid. The unique part about this houseplant is not it is flowers but the foliage.

The velvet-like leaves and yellowish veins sparkle in the dark with an electrifying glow, which looks pretty.

The glow makes the plant look nothing less than a jewel. The plant can spread and grow up to almost 18 inches and looks too fancy. The best part is it does not even need much care.

2. Cooper’s Haworthia

Though these rare houseplants are usually smaller in size, they still are eyeball-grabbing with their attractive looks. It usually grows without much effort, and the pace is much slower. A densely packed rosette of cylindrical leaves of green and bluish color ornaments this plant.

The fleshy and swollen leaves are transparent at their ends, which form a unique pattern. Do you know the best part about this plant? In the mid-spring-summer, a vast inflorescence of white, small tubular flowers covers the plant. Pretty enough?

Live Window Haworthia Succulent | Star Window Plant | Indoor Succulents Gift Decoration (4 inch)
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  • The flowers are white, borne on a 8 inches (20 cm) tall inflorescence.

3. Marimo Moss Bell

The rare and cute, fluffy shape of this aquatic houseplant can steal the show during your house warmings. The dark green balls are freshwater, filamentous algae found very rarely on this planet, only in two spots- Lake Akan and Lake Myvatn.

The filaments spread out all around, which makes the plant look cushiony. This plant can be one of the fascinating décor elements in your space if you have an aquarium. The best part is that this plant resembles love and good luck forever.

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4. Desert Rose

Choose a spot in your room with a lot of sunshine, and place this beautiful-looking rare houseplants for a relaxing view. Be it the sizeable swollen base or the twisted and curvy, leafless branches with a grayish-green tint, everything about this plant is so attractive.

Leathery and oval, greenish leaves sprout out from the branches’ tips adding even more uniqueness to the look. You will love the bell-shaped flower clusters with hues like pink, red, white, purple, yellow, rose, and even mixed shades.

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5. Lifesaver Plant

The exotic and unique florals of this houseplant are what make it look so stunning. It is a 6-inches tall, cactus-like succulent with star-shaped, yellow color flowers with pretty stripes. The shiny, red ring at the center highlights the flowers even more.

The flowers bloom from late spring, which makes it a year-round view. The green stems are margined with fleshy prickles in various shapes like pentagonal, square, round, etc.

These prickles form a velvety, dense mat, which adds even more visual interest. You can plant it in your bonsai pot, succulent dish garden, or standalone container.

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6. Coral Cactus

This is one of those succulent, rare houseplants that have been grafted from two separate species of the genus Euphorbia. The crest is distinct and looks like coral that comes in various shades like yellow, purple, green, white, etc.

What makes the plant look even prettier? The pretty purple and pink flower blooms. You can place it with other indoor succulents that need similar conditions to grow to complement its look. The plant is low-maintenance and has a decorative appeal.  

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7. Common Sundew

One of the most visually-appealing yet quickly growing houseplants is this one. The ends of all the long petioles have round traps that cluster and form a rosette shape. The lime green traps have a very sci-fi feel about them, and the red, long, sticky tentacles look mysterious.

Do you know the most beneficial thing about this plant? There is a stick, sugar substance secreted from these tentacles that can trap all the insects in your home. The unusual appearance and habits of this plant are attention-worthy.

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8. Dolphin Succulent

This is one of the best rare houseplants with dolphin-shaped foliage. Incredible, isn’t it? You won’t find this houseplant easily at stores. This one to three feet long plant with a hanging basket will surely stand out in your space.

It is bound to receive a lot of attention from the guests. The plant can also grow in low-sunlight conditions since the leaves’ fine lines allow light to penetrate. The plant looks even more impressive due to the pom-pom like white flowers. You can showcase this plant in your dish garden and let it shine.

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9. Living Stones

The rare-shape and stone-like natural look of this plant are what makes this houseplant so Instagram-worthy. These plants come in various attractive shapes and hues like pink, green, brown, rust, and gray.

The bulbous set of leaves almost fuse, and the plant stays flush to the ground. On maturity, you will notice white and yellow daisy-like florals emerging from the fused leaves, which makes it a worthy plant to add to your houseplant collection.

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10. Bat Flower

This has to be one of the most extraordinary and rare houseplants that you might have probably never seen in your life. Can you imagine that the exotic and flamboyant houseplants resemble a bat? The bat-winged shaped flowers are dark purplish in hue and grow up to 12 inches.

Threadlike whiskers emerging from the plant makes the plant even more conversation-worthy. The plant on maturity can bloom eight flowers in a year. The blackish flowers look stunning on the glossy, green foliage. Tacca integrifolia is its recent variety with white wings.

11. Staghorn Fern

Want to add some dramatic beauty with houseplants in your space? Staghorn fern is one of the boldest plants with a statement look that can define any space. The leaves are thick and have a silvery-green appearance that makes them look like elk antlers.

The fine hairs on the leaves make it very furry and cushiony. The leaves are eye-catching and can grow three-foot-long spores in the center. Your interior designer will surely recommend installing this plant on decorative boards, wire baskets, driftwood, rocks, etc.

Staghorn Fern 6.5" Hanging Plant - Exotic House Plant
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12. Red Mistletoe Cactus

With brilliantly colored foliage and unusual after blooms, these rare houseplants can easily oomph the aesthetics of your space. This epiphytic succulent plant is shrubby and has flat stems spreading all around that slowly turns even more reed as it receives more and more sunshine.

This four-foot-long plant with ribbon-like stems bordered with tiny, white blooms makes the plant look ecstatic. Later these florals develop into mistletoe like fruits that look exotic. These low-maintenance plants with a tropical appeal look best when hung on the wall.

13. Wax Plant

This strange yet gorgeous looking houseplant with waxy blooms can look decorative when placed in a hanging basket. It is a climber with waxy and glossy leaves, and other variegated forms come in shades like pink, white, and yellow.

The flowers have a very distinct star shape with a red dot in the middle, making the plant look exquisite. There are many varieties of this plant with florals in shades like pink, white, or even mixed shades.

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14. Pregnant Onion

This is one of the most comfortable and breezy-growing rare houseplants with a greenish bulb sprouting out from it, which looks like a swollen onion. With maturity, tiny onion-like bulbils sprout out from the main one.

What makes this plant look even catchier? Undoubtedly, the 12-inches long, green, strap-like arching leaves. At some periods, a 60-inches long flower stalk shoots up from this plant covered with tiny, fragrant white flowers, which look so aesthetic.

15. Fishbone Cactus

This unique houseplant, also known as zig-zag cactus, is initially found in southern Mexico’s rainforests.

The fleshy and velvety green stems have a distinct, twisted zig-zag pattern that can add some fun to your space. Don’t think the foliage is interesting enough to decorate your indoor?

This nocturnal bloomer also has dark pink and white fragrant blooms that sprout in early spring and summer if it gets enough warmth.

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16. Venus Flytrap

This insect-eating plant can be one of the most curious additions to your houseplant. The green rosette and bristly leaves with white cup-shaped flowers make it one of the rare houseplants.

The stunning blooms last for a day, starting from late afternoon to early morning. You can place it in a hanging basket for an enhanced look.

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