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What Does Squirrel Poop Look Like


Did you spot some droppings in the garden early in the morning and wonder if it could be squirrel poop?

Squirrels are adorable little mammals that hop around the tree branches to find food and play around. If you think their poop is something cute, like their furry bodies and bushy tails, then don’t be fooled by their appearance.

The presence of squirrels in your vicinity can quickly escalate to an infestation, primarily because they may sneak into your home in search of common foods squirrels love. This quest for their preferred snacks can lead to unexpected guests in your living space.

Soon, you will start spotting foul-smelling droppings and wonder what squirrel feces look like.

So, let’s address everything that you need to know in this blog.

What Do Squirrels Eat?

What Do Squirrels Eat?

Even though squirrels seem like the most harmless creatures, that doesn’t mean they are typical herbivores. They are also insectivores, consuming insects apart from nuts, seeds, and different berries.

They eat acorns, fungi, flower buds, and even green vegetables.

Their young ones are fed on their mother’s milk for the first six weeks and almost up to ten weeks. Eggs of other species are also in their diet, and they also eat fledgling birds, small rodents, and amphibians like frogs and toads. They often feed on reptiles, typically snakes, when hungry.

While they eat a lot, you may think, you might also wonder what their poop would resemble?

What Does Squirrel Poop Resemble, and Where Do They Poop?

Squirrel poop is paler in color and often resembles a coffee bean as it is blunt on both ends. Mostly, their size is similar to that of coffee beans and is merely 0.375 inches long and 0.125 inches wide. To the untrained eyes, both sizes will seem the same.

They have a habit of dropping their poop in the same place for quite a while and form a heap of poop around them. Their poop will appear in clusters in several different locations, unlike the rat droppings.

You would never see a squirrel poop near you as they are discreet creatures and prefer to poop where no one sees them. Unlike rats, they will not keep dropping their poop as they walk around you.

Squirrel poop is lighter in color and ranges from light brown to slight red to green and even tan-colored pellets. Dark brown at first, they lose their color as they age and dry.

How or what problems come with the squirrel poop is a question most people want to know.

Problems Caused by Squirrel Poop

Where there are many squirrels, the poop droppings can be a problem. Their poop can contain a lot of diseases, and it can be dangerous to pets and humans.

Usually, leptospirosis, a bacterial infection known to be spread by only squirrel poop, is an area of concern. It gives flu-like symptoms with respiratory difficulties. It might be fatal if unidentified at the right time.

Salmonella is another kind of bacteria you might contract from the crowd. Diarrhea and vomiting are what one might get when one contracts it.

When the poop of the squirrel dries up, it gets crushed, the powder spreads with air, and that can be fatal for asthmatics. If you plan to clean up squirrel poop, you might use great caution in doing so.

How to Deal with Squirrel Infestations?

Squirrels can be a menacing factor, and just like people need to be cautious of every other animal in their surroundings, they need to be cautious about squirrels.

Managing them and yet not killing them is an option.

But how would you do it?

  1. Managing them by spreading strong odors is an option. Spreading ammonia can benefit your surroundings as its obnoxious smell can keep the squirrels away. Also, you don’t have to wade far. You can get it as part of the household cleaning agent.
  2. The smell of a probable predator can keep them away. Those who have cats and dogs can keep their hair in places where they come. In that way, you can keep them away as these smells would help.
  3. Also, keeping nuts for them at a distance is one way many people successfully can keep them away from the property. Squirrels won’t ravage your property if they develop an understanding that you serve them food. But that is not a process all can adapt to.
  4. If you happen to catch them, ensure you don’t harm them in any way.

Concluding Thoughts

So, now you know how to identify squirrel poop and how you can deal with it better. Next time you see a squirrel hopping around the tree, you know how to safeguard your grounds and home. Squirrel poop poses certain health risks, as mentioned before.

You can either have professionals handle squirrel infestation, or you can use a squirrel repellant with a strong odor. Alternatively, you can also unleash your pets, who are natural predators of the squirrels.

The famous bait and trap method is also useful when you are trying to deal with the squirrel infestation.

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