How Big is a Rick of Firewood?


We all know that firewood serves a lot of uses. From a weekend barbecue party to a cozy campfire plan, firewood is the most important thing to have. It is almost impossible even to imagine activities like these without firewood.

If you are a frequent firewood user, you would have heard the words like rick and cord of firewood. 

When firewood is needed, you obviously go out to the market and buy some. However, firewood is also not something that could be bought in small amounts. A cord or a rick of firewood is bought in general by most domestic users.

If you are not a very frequent user or do not know much about buying firewood, you would always be thinking about the size or amount that you need.

Be it a rick of firewood or a cord, it is important to know how big they are. This will always help you in buying the right amount of firewood for yourself. Let us start with what a cord is. A cord of firewood is basically a stack of wood that measures 4 feet in height, 4 feet in width, and 8 feet in length. This measurement sums up to around 128 cubic feet in volume, weighing around 5000 pounds.

Now, 5000 pounds of wood is obviously too much for you if you need them for your fireplace or a few barbeque parties. The idol measurement that would suit you is of a rick of firewood. Please keep reading to know exactly what rick is and how big it is.

What Is a Rick and How Big is it?

A rick of wood is also known as a face cord. It is a term that basically describes a pile of firewood with a measurement of 4 feet in height and 8 feet in length. It is offered in a variety of widths; it depends on where you are buying it from. The widths vary based on the local markets and regions as well.

The most common width option available in a rick of wood is 16 or 12 inches. After the widths, 24-inch width is the most common. Moreover, a cord has around 550 to 650 logs of wood in it. Whereas a rick has about 275 to 375 pieces of wood logs. These figures may still vary depending on the area you are buying from.

Rick can be called a fraction of a cord of wood. A cord of wood is generally 48 inches wide. So, on comparing a rick to a cord, a 12 inches wide rick would be a quarter of the cord. If you have a 16 inches wide rick, it would be a third of the cord. If you buy a 24 inches wide rick of wood, it would be half the cord. So, you can also say that a cord has numerous ricks in it.

How Much Do You Need?

rick of firewood

There can be no single answer to this question. Depending on the reason behind your need for ricks, you will have to decide your quantity. Buying firewood for a campfire or two and buying firewood to keep your house warm throughout the winters are completely different things. 

If you are planning to buy firewood for your fireplace to last the entire winter, just one rick of firewood will not be enough. In this case, at least two or three ricks of wood would last you the entire winter for a medium-sized house (with one fireplace). If you have enough space to store the wood, you could also buy a cord of wood instead of buying three ricks of firewood.

If you need firewood for just campfire weekends and fancy barbecues, a rick of firewood will last for enough time. If you have enough storage, you could buy two ricks and keep them safe.

No matter how many ricks of wood you decide to buy, make sure that you have enough space to keep them. Space needs to be dry and free of insects as much as possible.

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