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What to Consider When Buying a Robotic Pool Cleaner


You love your pool, and you want to make sure you keep it as clean as possible. This requires more than just skimming the top of the water to keep out errant leaves and other debris. You also have to think about the material below the surface. The best and simplest way to keep this area clean is with the use of a robotic pool cleaner.

One of these cleaners can be a fantastic option because it makes keeping the pool clean nice and simple. Of course, you also have to remember that there are many options when it comes to robotic pool cleaners, and it’s not as simple as choosing the first one you find. You need to be sure you are choosing the right pool cleaner for your pool. Fortunately, it’s not difficult if you know what to look for when buying. Below, we’ll be looking at some of the most important things you will have to consider.

Your Pool’s Surface

You need to know the type of surface your pool has when choosing the robotic pool cleaner. Most of the time, the newer cleaners on the market can handle any sort of surface you might have. However, that’s not always the case, so you’ll want to check to see whether your pool’s surface is recommended with the cleaner you are considering.

Typically, if you have a fiberglass pool or slick tiles, you will want to choose a cleaner that has a soft, super grip PVA brush. For other types of surfaces, opting for a wheeled or universal rubber PVC brushes can work well.

The Size of Your Pool

Here’s another important factor you will need to consider when buying a robotic pool cleaner. The cleaners only have a certain amount of cable, but the cleaner still has to reach as much of the pool as possible. Yet, the power supply should be 12’ from the edge of the pool.

Therefore, you have to check the overall cable length to make sure it will work well with the depth and width of your pool. If you have an above-ground pool, you also have to think about the height of the pool the cable will have to go over. Otherwise, you would have to keep moving the power supply and the cleaner, which takes away the convenience of a robotic pool cleaner.

Generally, you will want to have more cable than you think you need. It’s always best to have more than not enough.

What Does the Robotic Pool Cleaner Need to Clean?

Some of the cleaners on the market will only clean the floor of the pool. If that’s what you are looking for, then that’s all you’ll need from the cleaner. However, there are others that are essentially 4WD. They can clean the water line, as well as the walls to help keep all of the surfaces of your pool as clean as possible. Think about what you want and find a model that can accommodate your needs.

The Micron Value

All of the debris and dirt in the pool that needs to be cleaned is measured in microns. Filters on the cleaner will provide you with a micron value, letting you know the size of items it can filter out of the water. Naturally, you always want to choose a low micron value, as this means it will get the most contaminants out of the water.

The Power of the Cleaner

You want to have a cleaner that can get the job done right and quickly. A big part of this will be the amount of water the cleaner can suction and clean per minute. This is often measured in gallons per minute or litres per minute. Keep in mind that the higher the suction power, the better. It can get the pool clean, and it can do it relatively quickly.

Always Look for Quality

If you don’t do a good job of keeping your pool clean, you’ll end up with dirty water, bacteria, algae growth, and a host of other problems. A good pool cleaner is an investment, but you can find them for reasonable prices.

When you are purchasing your robotic pool cleaners, it can be easy to get swept up in looking at the various features offered. However, as great as those features might be, you have to make sure the cleaner truly works. You will always want to make sure you are buying a quality brand with a good reputation.

When you opt for quality with your robotic pool cleaner, you will find that it’s going to last for much longer. If you buy a cheap-looking, flimsy pool cleaner, it might only last a couple of seasons—or less. Always keep quality in mind.

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