What do flats look like in Turkey? What is the contrast between real estate in Alanya and in Madrid? For a resident of Europe, some specifics of Turkish real estate will seem unusual in a good way. Find out what differences should be prepared for, what are the layouts in Turkish housing and what is the square footage.

To purchase a property in Turkey: the key difference

One of the most significant dissimilarities between the Turkish real estate market and the European one will be the fact that in Turkey there is practically no real estate that is sold by the owner. The developer sells apartments, including furnished ones with above-ground pools, or agencies and brokers are engaged in this process. By the way, there are no real estate agents in Turkey who would work as assistants in the search and registration of housing, but did not have the appropriate permission. An agent in Turkey has a license to conduct this kind of activity and undergoes regular professional development.

Square footage of Turkish apartments

The average area of real estate in Turkey is significantly larger than the same indicator in European cities. It applies not only to business class, but also to low-cost properties.

For instance, for a two-or three-bedroom apartment, the average area will be 110 square meters. There are equal apartments in Europe, but the average square footage of two- and three-bedroom apartment is significantly less. It is worth understanding that a two-bedroom apartment means the presence of two bedrooms, as well as a kitchen combined with a living room, or a separate kitchen room, and a separate recreation room to play with your frisbee. 

There is an opinion that the increased square footage is not at all connected with the desire of Turks to live in a big way. The fact is that Turks often live in large families: a young family with children lives together with the parents of a husband or wife, as it is customary according to tradition. It is also a well-known fact that Turks can continue to live with their parents until the age of 40 and do not rent an apartment, as it happens with young people in Europe.

Lack of one-bedroom apartments

You’ll have to get used to it, but in Turkey you really can’t find a one-room apartment, especially a studio. The most common options are considered to be «1 +1» and «2 +1» layouts, where the first figures mean the number of bedrooms, and the added unit indicates the living room, which is combined with the kitchen and serves as a dining room.

It is also not uncommon to find spacious «3 + 1» and «4 +1» layouts, that in European realities would be equal to four-bedroom and five-bedroom apartments.

Attitude to furniture

In furniture stores, it is much more common to find sets of furniture than separate interior items. The headset is also usually designed for a large family of four-eight people. It’s not just a set of dining furniture or a separate kitchen set — it’s really furniture that can be placed in all rooms.

For instance, in Evgor, one of the popular brands, you can buy a huge set (bedroom sets, upholstered furniture for the living room and a set for the dining room) for TRY 35,000, which will be equal to about EUR 2,240.

Our assistance in choosing real estate in Turkey

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