Who is Simon in Simon’s Says?

Who is Simon in Simon's says

Simon says is one of the megahit games for the children. It is considered the best game to keep your toddlers and children busy in indoor activities. It is filled with lots of good things and giggles. Your toddler is going to learn a lot while playing this game. Three or more children can play this game with lots of laughter.

The rules are very simple. One child takes the role of Simon and gives instructions to the other according to the game. At the same time, other children have to follow those instructions. The instructions are like touching your ear, walk like a penguin, etc. As the children grow up playing the Simon says the game, questions pop up in their minds.

Who is Simon? Is it a fictional or true character? If it is true then, what is the story behind it? And why only Simon?  Why is he not Robert or any other? We are going to answer every question about Simon.

Who is Simon?

As described earlier, Simon is the main lead character of the game. Whenever one child takes the role of Simon, the game cannot start without their instructions. Other players have to follow the instructions and repeat the activities. Players also eliminate from the game when they do not follow the instructions or failed to do the activities.

In the end, if all the players got eliminated, Simon will win the game. However, if one or more players remain at the end, Simon will lose that game.

Is Simon a Real Character?

Some people say Simon is a real character, while some say it is merely a fictional character. But according to our research, Steve Max is known as the real Simon. He is known for his appearance at NCAA and NBA during the halftimes. He is working as a full-time leader/caller at Simon says.

Is Simon’s Says Based on True Events?

Simon says the game was invented by the father of video games Ralph Baer. He invented tons of video games before. The game is not inspired by any true character, and hence there is no real Simon. Instead, Ralph took the inspiration from an Atari game, Touch Me. Baer. He first came to know about the game in 1976.

At that time, the game was a real disappointment for the users. It only repeats a musical sequence. After that, Ralph took the inspiration to develop a similar game but with a fun twist. His inspiration leads him to the discovery of Simon says. He also found the name Simon attractive from the children’s point of view. So he named the game as Simon says. The idea was so unique that the game becomes a super hit.

It’s almost been a decade since the game had been launched. But the fame of this game is still the same. Later on, the developer adds new modifications to the game to make it fit in the latest world with time. It can be played both indoors as well as outdoors.

Rules to play the Simon Says

Now when you know everything about the story behind Simon says, have a look at the basic rules of the game:

  • The minimum requirement for the game is at least three players. But, of course, more the number of players more will be the fun.
  • Now one child will become Simon and stand apart from everyone. The other will become the players.
  • Simon will give the players to command that appears on the screen. The twist is players will only follow the command begin with “Simon Says.” For example, Simon says clipart. Now all the players must do the clipart.
  • Children who do not follow the command will be considered as eliminated players. A player standing at the last of the game will be the winner. And if there is no player left then, Simon is the winner.

The game is designed specially to sharp the mind of your children. It increases their thinking power and sense of reacting to something. Also, it is a great pastime. Parents can do their stuff while children play the game.

There are almost no disadvantages to the game. In the end, we can say Simon is a lover character, and it does not matter he is real or not.

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