Why Decorative Concrete is the Best Refinishing Option for your Floors Indoors


Interior floors need both style and safety. The soundness and sturdiness of the cemented slabs depend on how proficient expert concrete refinishing contractors. Experts have the skill to combine design and build together. A masterfully crafted indoor floor is found right beneath your every step at home.

For decades, many homeowners had concretized their love for decorative floors. Concrete is a well-known material. It provides durability and cost-efficient solutions for residential properties and for business, as well.

It may surprise you how effective decorative concrete can transform your old, bare slabs at home. Find out in this article the reasons for you to refinish your interior with concrete floors.

1- Concrete Adapts Various Aesthetic

Concrete floorings are not just your grey cement slabs that you walk on. They provide dozens of styles that you want to adapt and incorporate into the design in your homes. Professional designers and expert concrete refinishing contractors laud concrete floors for their adaptive quality to many themes and motifs.

You can have elegant floorings or something shabby, chic. When stained with decorative techniques, the floors can mimic marbles. If you want your indoor extensions like patio or balconies to stand out, stamping the concrete will do the trick.

Or, you can have it exposed as it is. Any doubts? Well, a grey, neutral concrete is a fantastic element that designers love. They like how it easily blends with nature-themed decors. They are also easy to embellish with other footing materials too.

They can co-exist with traditional styles to modern themed designs. There are also a ton of materials you can match with concrete slabs.

2- A Property’s Added Value 

With a concrete floor, the lifespan of your floorings increases. As the foundation in your property, a well-kept floor will make a lasting impression. If you want to have your homes for rent or resale, you will not be concerned with a costly repair. Getting potential clients will be easy.

Real estate experts highly recommend that floor plans be presented. Clients look at the floors. It is the first thing they will look at when seeing the physical property and looking into the blueprints and plans.

A decorative refinishing or resurfacing will quickly restore a damaged or cracked concrete. It is better than having a replacement that will cost you hundreds before reselling the property.

You can have the concrete surface decorated with overlays or concrete coatings that enhance the design and colors.

3- Healthy Floors for a Healthy Home

Concrete floors do not eliminate harmful substances. Wood, vinyl coverings, rugs, and mats are conventional flooring materials as they also holds and binds with topsoil. When reacted to heat or water, they emit fumes.

Because concrete is a monolithic material, the pure solid base has no or minimal pores to emit substances. The substrate is also made of concrete, so you will not worry about certain chemicals to evaporate as weathering happens.

That is what happens underneath. Above, the cement surface also helps maintain a healthy environment. The smooth top layer repels most types of elements. Water, outdoor soils, animal hairs, and dust do not stick on the surface. They easily repel.

4- Easy to Maintain

Maintenance of floors can be effortless. Concrete surfaces have smooth, even layers. The stains are easily removed but when the stains are tough it looks like fertilizer burn which is not a good sign. Using only a damp mop and simple, inexpensive cleaning solutions will meet your requirements.

You need a quick fix for massive structures. Imagine cleaning the whole house, and you have to go to every corner of the floorings. It takes much effort and time if you clean tiles, wooden floors, or rugs and mats.

Repair is also simple. A refinishing technique can restore a cement slab. Even if the floors are torn and cracked, resurfacing with a new minimal layer of concrete will cover up any irregularities on the surface. It will not cost your expensive replacement and time-consuming installations.

5- Restoration is possible

Concrete damages occur in overtime. Concrete restoration will bring back the original strength of a newly installed cement floor. Sometimes a concrete’s recurring flaw is discoloration. Staining is one way to resurface an old worn concrete.

Recoloring is also a practical solution. A quick application or spraying of concrete coating with a new pigment will recover its former beauty. Also, its strength will be renewed, as well.

7- Skid-Resistance

Slip-resistant is essential to residential floors. A home’s foundation is found in the floors. So is safety. It all begins on the footings underneath the feet.

Floors create accident-prone areas. Slipping is common. It may look non-threatening. But in reality, most US homes record-high number of slip-related accidents.

Flooring that is resurfaced with decorative concrete provides a high traction surface. So when the soles of shoes make contact with the surface, it stops slippery motions. It is essential to give this type of flooring system, especially to areas at home where most people gather.

This makes the concrete floors with the decorative polishing technique a suitable match for kitchen and dining areas, living rooms, hallways, and the patio.

Final thoughts…

Floor refinishing should provide safety mostly indoors. However, you don’t have to compromise its design just to have well-built flooring that resists damages. Decorative concrete will meet these two essential requirements. Make the floors the foundation of an environment that is clean, cozy, and comfortable.

Callista Porter
Callista Porter, with a background in architecture (B.Arch, University of Texas), has made a name for herself in the renovation industry over the past 12 years. Her expertise is restoring and modernizing historic homes, balancing preservation with contemporary aesthetics. Callista joined our platform in 2021, sharing insights on architectural integrity and modern design trends in her writing. Her passion for history extends into her hobby of collecting vintage home decor, which often inspires her renovation projects.

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