Why ‘Faux’ Materials Are So Popular


Faux materials have been very popular for decades now. Once, these items were extremely high end and a sign of wealth. But attitudes have changed. There aren’t as many people focusing on what the item represents, as long as it looks good. We’re looking at all the reasons that faux materials have only grown in popularity over time.

Cruelty free

A lot of things that need to be substituted with faux materials do so because of the moral issue surrounding the process of gaining the material. In particular, this aims at leather and fur. A real fur coat is still considered a thing of beauty and expense, but part of that is the exclusivity of it. Real fur is considered a bit of a faux pas today, due to the inherent cruelty, but you will see fur coats in every seasonal fashion magazine because faux fur equivalents have been established.

Often can look the same

If you are looking for cheap furniture, whether you’re looking to spend less due to necessity or principle, you can’t go wrong with going faux.

Faux leather is a big seller in furniture, and in fact, it’s so common that it would be rare to find a sofa that was real leather. This is probably due to the fact that no one can tell. It’s possible a bootmaker could sniff out or see the difference with a magnifying glass, but the rest of us can’t see a difference while reading a magazine on the patio.

This, of course, depends on what you’re duplicating and the quality of the duplication. Faux leather is so common and brings about the idea of harming an animal to get it that no one cares of the quality unless they’re buying a high-end car, but faux plants are a little harder to pull off, and you can get some plants that look like playdoh.

Take the work out of it

Speaking of fake plants, they are one of the few examples that require ongoing maintenance. Going faux here can take out that work.

Look, some of us simply do not have the green thumb. It’s alright. You’ve either got it or you haven’t. But if you like the look of a plant, and you find a good fake, you can add it as your home décor as a permanent fixture, no less. A lot of flowers have a short lifespan, for example, but if you like the idea of a single white rose in a jar, you can buy a faux rose and not worry about having to replace it in two weeks’ time when the beauty of the rose has been replaced with a limp, decaying brown stem.

More affordable

Because we’re talking about duplicates, it stands to reason that they are cheaper. Moissanites made in a lab are cheaper than naturally occurring diamonds, even though they’re virtually indistinguishable from real diamonds. Faux leather and fur doesn’t take the raising and slaughtering of animals to make, which is all expensive on top of immoral. Faux flowers and just about anything else you can think of are made from synthetic and moldable materials like plastic and polyester.

Because of these more affordable materials and means of manufacturing, businesses can bring down the cost of these items, making them a lot more affordable for more people.

Sandy Jensen
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