Will Trampled Grass Grow Back?

Will Trampled Grass Grow Back

Lush Green Lawns are a delight to watch. If you have a lawn, you surely want to be lush green & beautiful without any patches of brown grass. But, what if, instead, your lawn has Trampled Grass? A problem which is very common amongst the families having young children & dogs.

Children usually play their games on the lawn which tramples the grass. Man’s beloved friend is also notorious for digging holes. This comes up with the expense of trampled grass. How to deal with it? You can have a lush green lawn as well as a playful dog at the same time. This article will guide you through how to grow back trampled grass! You can also check out the revive lawn treatment review for more details.

How to Grow Back Trampled Grass

In simple words, you would require a plan (which we will guide you through), lots of patience, a bit of hard work & smart work. Before you start attacking the enemy, you estimate their strength, right? So, the first step would be analyzing the extent & portion (of area) of the trampled grass.

Analysis of the Lawn

Go through the lawn & spot the trampled grass zones. Also, check the extent to which they have been trampled. Mark the zones accordingly. Few zones may require a little bit of tidying up while the others may require proper working, especially the ones where our furry friend has been digging.

The zones which require this tidying up can be worked out simply by extra lawn care. Be it watering or cleaning the spot regularly. Now, there are areas where the trampled grass needs extra working, then let’s get to it.

The spots that require the most work are the ones where most of the action happens. Frequently used pathways, the area where the kids play their games the most, and also the spots where our furry friend likes to hang out a lot! Mark them.

Plan the Lawn

The spots where the traffic is the highest are spotted. Now, you need to either get those spots involved in less traffic or vacant them. You can restrict the movement in the spot, which though seems easy, may not be applicable. You can convert those spots into designs (or pathways). You can consider resodding or overseeding the spots too.

Resodding or Overseeding

Resodding means installing a sod (turf) over the spot. You need to first prepare the spot before resodding. Clean the spot completely. Ensure that the spot is completely debris-free & there is no trampled grass. Now, moisten the spot. Install the sod (turf) on the spot & sprinkle water over it. Roll over the sod (turf), so that the soil at the bottom side of the sod (turf) sticks to the ground.

Overseeding simply means growing new grass over the existing ones. It is beneficial in not only tackling the trampling problem but also the grass thinning problem. Overseeding is usually done in the spring season, so need to wait till that time (not necessarily). Use necessary fertilizers for their optimum growth.

Supervision & Protection

You may have applied either of the methods, but now you need to maintain keen supervision, especially for overseeding. After overseeding, the seeds take time to grow. Meanwhile, they really hate to be disturbed from their place. Even the newly installed turf needs to be left alone for a while. You need to supervise at least for three weeks or so.

Instead, you can also protect that spot by fencing, barriers, or repellents. Even better ask your children not to play for a few weeks. Restrict the movement of your furry friend too!


Yes, it is true that the trampled grass can grow back. You need to analyze, plan, & work over it. Resodding or overseeding does the trick, but you need to be patient, alert & watchful during the period when the grass is growing (especially during the overseeding period).

Ensure that your furry friend is well-behaved and doesn’t dig around in the lawns. Also, if possible ask kids to play at a different place so that the grass doesn’t get trampled in the first place.


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