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10 Fence Mounted Planter Boxes Ideas

Fence Mounted Planter Boxes

The fences in the backyard are of great use for security but have you ever thought of having planters on fences? Yes, fence planters are trendy nowadays. The backyards with normal fences give it an old-fashioned and very boring look.

To embrace the look of the backyards, people are using fence planter ideas according to their requirements and the design of the backyard.

Planting on fences not only enhances the look of the backyard but also lets the owner do more planting in less space, as planters on fences are not usually mounted. The home’s design took a new revolution after the growth in the idea of backyard furnishing and fence planters.

How to make the backyard look sober? The answer can be, by different styles of fence planters.

Here they are:

1. Stair Style Mounted Fence Planter

Stair Style Mounted Fence Planter

This Staircase mounted style fence planter is one of the easiest but effective fence planter ideas. It is straightforward to build and has a rich and dynamic look. The backyard generally has stairs made of wood or metal, but in this fence planter style, one needs a stair made up of wood. The stair is kept on the fence and in its feet or pile different flower plants in small pots can be placed or hanged very easily. This idea is very affordable and usually suitable for planting small pots and plants.

2. Wooden Pile Fence Planter Style

Wooden Pile Fence Planter Style

The next in the list is the wooden pile fence planter style. This style of fence planter is the extension of staircase fence planter ideas; the wooden pile in this idea is inspired by the staircase pile. But unlike the staircase idea in this pattern, the piles are attached to the fence, and the plants and pots are placed on the pile. The area covered by this pattern is larger than the staircase pattern, and in this planter idea, small to medium-sized pots can be placed on the piles. This pattern gives the backyard a packed green look.

3. Wooden Pocket Fence Planter

Wooden Picket Fence Planter

The idea of a wooden picket fence planter is very suitable for covering and embracing small areas of the fence. In these ideas, a woodpile with a pocket vertically downwards is made up of wooden plywood, which can be fixed in the fence, and some showpiece plants for running stem plants can be planted in these picket fences planter style. This style is ideally designed to cover a small area of the backyard, but it can be used in several ways, either with a bigger one or with many small planters like these in large areas.

4. Hanging Flowerpot Fence Planter

Hanging Flowerpot Fence Planter

The most significant idea in the fence planter ideas is the hanging flowerpot fence planter idea in which the small to medium flowerpot is being either hanged or attached to the fence. This idea can be easily implemented without much apparatus; the only thing we need is the flowerpots that can be hung or fixed vertically above the land.

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This idea gives the backyard a different look as the flowerpot can be used in different colors and themes. The idea is also very cost-efficient, and it provides more plantation opportunities in less or the same place.

5. Themed Hanging Fence Planter

Themed Hanging Fence Planter

Themed Hanging fence planter is based on different themes, i.e., cup, face-shaped mask, saucer, etc. This pattern is almost the same as the above hanging flowerpot fence planter method. The only difference is the theme and color of flowerpots.

In this pattern, the owner can theme the flowerpot in different shapes, colors, and patterns. This can be done to give the same theme to the backyard as the interior design of the house, and this can be a bit intermediate in cost but worth doing.

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6. Flowerpots on Fence Tips

Flowerpots on Fence Tips

The Traditional fence has a sharp arrow tip or sometimes less sharp but arrow tip, but this idea can make the traditional look of the fence more stylish and dynamic. In this idea, the owner must buy the flowerpot, which has a partition in the lower side due to which it can easily get fixed on the fence, and the backyard with a fence can be turned into a backyard with a flower potted fence or flower potted border which changes the look of the backyard completely.

7. Wooden Rack Fence Planter

Wooden Rack Fence Planter

In this idea, there is a rack with several compartments in which the individual can plant different plants, herbs, and shrubs or the combination of all. The rack can either be fixed on the fence or can be kept with the fence.

This is generally made of wooden and plywood, but it can be made in any metal depending on the theme. It embraces the look of the backyard with its planting approach, and it is not much costly; the making of the rack can be a bit costly, but the remaining setup will be very cost-friendly, and the outlook will be rich.

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8. Jar/ Bottle Fence Planter Idea

Jar Bottle Fence Planter Idea

This is one of the most cost-friendly fence planter ideas in which there can be several benefits, including the reusing of plastic and glass bottles and jars. In this idea, the wooden pile is tucked in the fence, and then the jars and bottles are filled with sand and mud, and plants are placed. After all this process, the bottles and jars are fixed in a pile in groups; the outlook of this idea made the backyard look creative and dynamic. Also, this is a cost-efficient method to decorate the backyard with greenery.

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9. Angled Fence Planter

This idea is inspired by the angle planters in the house; in this pattern, the angle is fixed in the fence, and then the plant with the pot is being hung with the angle at a certain height which gives the fence a green and environmentally friendly look. The idea of angle fence planters is proven better for the backyard with higher fences, as the shorter or small fence cannot hold the angle, and it will not look good. The idea of an angled fence planter can also be extended with variants according to the needs.

10. Angle Fence Planter with Light

Angle Fence Planter with Light

This idea is the extension of the above idea of the angle fence planter; this idea is basically applied to showcase the better look of the backyard at night as in this idea, the angle which holds the plant has a light attached to it which blooms the pot and the plant at night and that showcase a delightful look of the backyard in the evening and the nighttime.

This idea of the angle fence plant holder with light is also for higher fences, but also it is a bit costlier than that of normal angle fence planters; also, the cost changes with change in the metal of angle.

Rosa Raven
Rosa Raven holds a Bachelor’s in Environmental Design from the University of British Columbia, specializing in green architecture and urban horticulture. With 15 years of experience, she joined our editorial team as a freelancer and started providing insights into creative planter box solutions, balcony gardening, and eco-friendly planting practices. Her background includes working in landscape architecture firms as a freelance garden consultant. Beyond work, Rosa is a nature enthusiast and a volunteer in urban reforestation projects.

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