What is an Aerogarden and Why You Should Invest in One 

What is an Aerogarden and Why You Should Invest in One

Growing plants is not as easy as it seems. Providing plants with enough exposure to sunlight along with nutrition-rich soil and water determines how healthy they become. Weeding, pruning, and protecting the plants from pests are also important aspects of tending to plants.

Several people love the idea of growing plants in the house. However, the fear of responsibility keeps them from going forward with the idea. If you are someone who struggles with being in charge but is keen on giving plants a try, an AeroGarden is just for you.

AeroGarden And Hydroponic Farming

AeroGarden And Hydroponic Farming

Before we get to what AeroGarden is, let us first understand what hydroponic farming is. Hydroponics is a farming system that replaces soil with water that is rich in nutrients. This system operates on the idea that soil is simply the carrier of nutrients that plants require.

If a plant receives the necessary nutrition, you can eliminate soil from the picture. Thus, hydroponic farming involves providing optimal nutrition to plants in the form of a liquid solution.

AeroGarden works on the same principle. It is a compact hydroponic garden device that you can use to grow plants inside your house. Space is never a problem when it comes to AeroGarden. It can fit in any room regardless of its size.

The AeroGarden has a chamber of water that has pods suspended over it. The seeds go in these pods. All you must do is follow the directions for each pod and watch your plant grow.

Plant Growth in AeroGarden

Compared to other gardening methods, the rate of growth of plants in the AeroGarden is about five times higher. This means that seeds germinate dramatically fast. For instance, the seeds of salad greens typically take about 10 days to germinate. In an AeroGarden, they germinate within a week. Similarly, flower seeds germinate within 12 days.

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Herbs, depending upon the type, take anywhere between 5 and 15 days to germinate. Veggies like tomatoes germinate within 10 days and start bearing flowers within the next 45 days. Harvest time also speeds up significantly. In an AeroGarden, salad leaves and herbs become ready to harvest in just 3 weeks. Fruiting vegetables become harvestable within 100 days.

Pruning in AeroGarden

As the source of light is limited and focused in the AeroGarden, you must keep an eye on the horizontal growth of plants. Prune them regularly to prevent them from spreading across too much. If the horizontal growth of each plant is not kept in check, other plants surrounding the one growing out will lose out on sufficient exposure to light.

As herbs and salad greens grow rapidly, pruning them regularly is a must. Bushy plants also require frequent pruning for the sake of the health of surrounding plants.

How to Maintain an AeroGarden

Maintaining the hygiene and cleaning AeroGarden is not at all difficult. To clean the planter, a simple solution of water and white vinegar suffices. You can even use a combination of bleach and water if the planter is vacant. Carrying out cleaning processes entirely depends upon the stage of growth your plant is at. If the situation permits, you can go for a spot or deep cleaning.

It is best to use the vinegar and water solution if a plant is currently occupying the planter. Soak a paper towel in the solution and dab it on dirty spots surrounding the plant. If you are about to plant a new seed in the pod, give the AeroGarden a deep cleanse with bleach and water before planting.

Drying the AeroGarden is significant before you plug it into an electrical outlet. Be careful not to wet any of its electrical parts. In case they do get wet, dry them fully before restarting the device.

Thus, AeroGarden is a simple gardening device that is quite easy to maintain. If you are a beginner at gardening, this device will help you set the pace. AeroGarden is also a boon for those who love plants but lack enough outdoor space for nurturing their own garden.

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