13 Cool Gifts for Summertime Birthdays


Not many would argue that summertime birthdays truly are the best. Not that any one of us had a say in the matter, but a birthday in the warm months sets a child up for the best birthday parties, camping trips where you can feed squirrels, swimming pool or jump park parties, and just about everything else that children equate with fun.

Even as we get older, summertime birthdays, whether it’s our own or a family members or friends, means enjoying the sun, the easy breezes, and the softness of life that is incomparable to any other time of the year.

This curated list of summer-appropriate gifts might just offer the inspiration you need:

  1. Pack Of Cooling Towels – Whether you’ve been swimming, jogging, hiking or just getting out of the gym, a pack of cooling towels is perfectly cool, perfectly absorbent, and perfectly summer.
  2. Snow Cone Machine – You don’t have to be a child to enjoy a snow cone now and then! For the perfect summer birthday party, or anytime, nothing says, “Why can’t summer last forever?” like syrupy shaved ice.
  3. Personal Handheld Fan – Mini fans work great and cool air on the spot, just when you need them. Does the birthday guy or girl like to go hiking or spend a lot of time outside? It is easy to slip this little fan inside a purse or backpack, and rechargeable batteries give peace of mind that the breeze is there for you whenever you need it.
  4. Egift Card With virtually millions of vendors to choose from when shopping for egift cards, there’s something for everyone to discover. Egift cards are super convenient to purchase online and even easier to send via text or email.
  5. Solar Mason Jar Lights The advent of fairy lights now allows practically anything to be lit up with soft, whimsical lighting. These lights will bring dark patio corners or any outdoor space into gentle, subdued illumination.
  6. Long Range Baby Monitor Parents with little babies are sometimes a bit squeamish about being outside of earshot of their newborn. Give them some time for on-the-porch tranquility with long range baby monitors. Packed with features like a night light, on the baby’s unit, two-way talk back intercom, and adjusting sound sensitivity. This makes for the ideal summer birthday gift for those who just became parents.
  7. Outdoor Hanging Solar Lights There are simple solar lights and then there are ornate, hanging solar lights that capture the imagination and spark generous conversation. Casting beautifully detailed shadows, ornate solar lights encourage long evenings outside. If your kid loves to be around plants then you can go for grow lights as well. Tap here to know more.
  8. Boat Tote Bag – Summertime means more trips to the beach, and more time on boats. Choose a sturdy material like canvas, and an embellishment that evokes sun, warmth, and sea like an anchor, a pineapple, or one that is elegantly striped. To go that extra mile, fill it with items such as sunscreen, lip balm, sunglasses, “adult” juice boxes, and flip flops. Speaking of sunglasses, you can find a wide variety in CoolFrames’s stylish eyewear list, that can complement your beachy ensemble while also providing proper protection for your eyes against harmful UV rays.
  9. Pool Floats A giant yellow rubber ducky pool float might be popular among the eight-year-olds; but it is possible to find ones that are at least fairly congruent with adulthood. Consider: an avocado pool float, the pit is a beach ball; simple inflatable chairs, with arms and back for resting; and colorful lounges in humorous shapes or any configuration.
  10. Multipack Citronella Votive Candles This birthday gift packs double duty. It will ward off mosquitoes and other flying bugs, and it will peacefully illuminate any outdoor area. Place the votive candles in sequence or randomly for whatever design motif is desired.
  11. Bubble Machine – It doesn’t matter if you are four or 40, everyone loves bubble machines. They capture the sheer essence of summer, evaporating all too quickly, but delightful, as they glide through the air. This is a gift that will fuel nostalgia and renewed creativity.
  12. Waterproof Dry Bag For the camper, hiker, or general outdoors lover in your life. A waterproof dry bag will keep their items safe and dry when on the beach, swimming, boating, kayaking, and more. It can be used to transport cell phones, maps, cameras, and jewelry. Most can also be used as a camping pillow.
  13. Travel Journal Many people leave their traveling to the summer months. If you have a traveler in your life, consider a leather-bound diary with either blank pages, or meaningful travel prompts to spark deeper meaning and greater self-fulfillment.

For most of us, summer means lazy, hazy days basking in warmth, drinking large amounts of iced-tea, and soaking up Vitamin D. Instead of opting for the usual birthday gift you already get them every year, why not celebrate summer, too? A host of products are available to choose from for the people in your life who are lucky enough to celebrate their birthday during this season.

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