7 Ideas to Decorate Girl Birthday Parties


A birthday, regardless of age, is always a real gift. When it comes to the birthday of the people most dear to us, our children, we are ready to do our best and even more to see the joyful and happy smiles of them.

Children adore holidays and look forward to every birthday, because they know that their parents, as always, will prepare a grand surprise and the coolest party.

If you think that planning your daughter’s birthday will be quite difficult – we want to pleasantly surprise you.

Here you find the best ideas to make your beautiful princess’s birthday unforgettable.

Minnie Mouse Style Party

Give a million smiles to girls on their birthday with the Disney princess Minnie Mouse who is adored by girls of all ages all over the world. Your girl and her friends will love this party theme and the extra-girly look of cakes, cupcakes, and all the accessories you need to decorate a Minnie style birthday party.

Minnie can decorate all holiday objects, including patterned tableware, plates, cups, and napkins. Moreover, Minnie can be found on all the items you want to decorate for this big day, including birthday favors, posters, balloons, and streamers.

A party in the style of Disney princesses

There are many ways to interpret the ideas of holding a birthday party for a girl in the style of Disney princesses: from traditional “Cinderella” to more comical and unusual, such as Princess Fiona from “Shrek”.

Incorporating costume decorations featuring the attire of beloved Disney princesses will further enhance the magical atmosphere. Decorations with appropriate images of the princess, colored balls, thematic sweets, and other accessories, along with the enchanting costumes, will make the birthday as bright as possible.

Decorations with appropriate images of the princess, colored balls, thematic sweets, and other accessories will make the holiday as bright and unusual as possible.

Party in Parisian style

Decorate the place for the party with shades of pink, black shadows, and other beautiful prints, reminiscent of the magical Paris. Traditional Parisian desserts will transport you to the city every girl dreams to visit.

For this idea, you can use many decorative items with the desired thematic image: paper plates and cups, napkins, tablecloth, etc.

Some accessories will make your birthday more unique, such as a miniature of the famous Eiffel Tower.

Don’t forget the world-famous French music as well, which will make the party more atmospheric.

Barbie sparkle style party

If your daughter loves Barbie, then this party is perfect for her and all her friends. A party in the style of Barbie is an ideal theme for girls who love fashion and makeup.

A fantastic range of latex balloons wholesale are easy to find for party decorations.

Bubble party

Bubbles are one of the most refreshing and fun things out there. An inexpensive and creative party idea with a variety of bubbles is perfect for an outdoor spring or summer party for all ages.

So, feel free to throw a bubble party and watch the kids, and not just the kids, have fun!

Pink princess party

A brilliant pink princess party for a little girl who really loves all things pink! The party should be bright and fun, and the pink princess theme will leave only positive impressions and unforgettable emotions for your daughter.

Every girl in the world dreams of being a fairy princess. Collect all possible pink decorations and accessories to decorate the holiday, princess castle cake, unicorn cakes, etc.

A party with a bouquet of sweets

A candy bouquet will be a perfect idea for a girl’s birthday party. It’s an easy way to express your love to your special girl. But remember, to make the party unforgettable, you should stock up on latex balloons wholesale, especially confetti balloons. They are easy to make and very cute.

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