7 Gifts for the Holiday Host or Hostess 


It’s the most wonderful time of the year, so you’ve likely got plenty of holiday invitations already rolling in. If you’ve ever hosted a holiday party, you know how stressful it can be. Hosting any event can overwhelm even the most even-keeled individuals, but the holiday season is already stressful without adding planning and executing an event to the mix.

This season, ensure you never arrive empty-handed by getting the perfect hostess gift for the people throwing events and inviting you. While these are tailored toward the holiday season, it’s worth stocking up on several, so you’re never scrambling for the perfect gift for future parties. Keep reading for the perfect gifts for your holiday hosts this year.

High-End Hand Soaps 

The best hosts know how important little things like hand soap are to their guests. Not only is handwashing essential during the holiday season as it coincides with cold and flu season, but it’s even more critical with all the handshaking and mingling. Hand soaps are typically scented too, which can boost the user’s mood and set the tone for the event. While your host likely already has this nailed down, replenish their hand soap stock with luxurious and high-end hand soap as a gift.

Rare Liquor

Hosting parties is expensive, from the decor, food, and of course, the drinks. While bottles of wine are a traditional hostess gift, up the ante this holiday season and give the gift of extravagance. Shop for top-shelf gins, whiskeys, and buy rare tequila online to find the perfect fit for your host’s tastes. If you’re unsure what their preference is, consider giving your favorite and attaching a note with a recipe for your favorite cocktail. This gift may not be served at their next event, but each time they indulge in a sip, they will remember your thoughtfulness.

Brass Tablet Stand

The holidays are about honoring traditions and creating new ones. A beautiful tablet stand is a perfect gift if the person hosting the event is a foodie and home chef. Most people use the internet for their recipes, and home chefs enjoy watching videos in the kitchen while cooking and baking. Let them create their food in style with a gorgeous brass tablet stand for their kitchen island.

Oil Diffuser Set

Nothing says it’s the holidays like familiar scents from the kitchen or Christmas Tree. Some people opt to burn scented candles with cinnamon, vanilla, and Balsam Fir notes. They may not realize their candles contain harmful additives that irritate their sinuses and nasal passages. Ditch the toxins of scented candles and opt for a beautiful oil diffuser as a gift with vials of traditional holiday-scented oils. Clove, cinnamon, Thieves blend, and Evergreen scents are excellent choices.

Cocktail Glasses

As we age, our tastes refine, and even household basics are preferred to have a more elevated aesthetic. We also have our favorite coffee mugs, drinking glasses, and spatulas. Let your host know you care about the little things by giving them some beautiful new cocktail glasses. You can add a personalized touch by engraving them with the host’s name, initial, or year to commemorate this holiday season.

Relaxing Gift Basket

Hosting events feels amazing, watching your guests enjoy themselves in your home and make new friends and acquaintances. Hosting can also take the wind out of your sails for a few days after the party is over. Set them up for self-care with a gift basket for a home spa day. Include a cozy robe, soft slippers, and plenty of indulgent toiletries like face masks, exfoliating scrubs, and decadent lotions.

Beautiful Blooms

While stopping at a grocery store for a bouquet can work in a pinch for last-minute invitations, this holiday season, plan ahead and work with a local florist for a beautiful floral arrangement. You can also have the flowers delivered before the party if the host wishes to incorporate them into the event’s decor.

Arriving at a party with a gift for the host is not only in great taste, but it can also be a mood boost for someone feeling frazzled by the evening. By choosing a gift from the list above, you’re guaranteed to put a smile on their face and get them in the holiday spirit. Happy Holidays and celebrate responsibly!

Emilia Post
Emilia Post has an authority on etiquette and gift-giving and has been enriching our content with her unique insights since 2019. She holds a BA in Communications and a background in public relations, which has honed her understanding of the social nuances in gift-giving. Her expertise stems from her former public relations and event planning roles, where she mastered the intricacies of social etiquette. In her spare time, Emilia enjoys hosting dinner parties and practicing floral arrangements, seamlessly blending her personal and professional interests.

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