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25 Unique Fence Gate Ideas for 2021

25 Unique Fence Gate Ideas for 2020

What are the fences? A fence is a barrier or a border for your yard, garden, lawn, and is usually connected with posts that are connected by boards, wires, or rails. Having a beautiful, creative, and simple fence not only beautifies your house from both indoor and outdoor, but it also keeps your pets, kids safe from going outside. A fence can be both wired or non-wired; you can even use your DIY techniques to make a unique and creative fence for your yard. Here is a list of 25 unique fence gate ideas that you can make on your own or have it built.

1. Modern yet Simple

Modern yet Simple

This fence provides a simple and modern look to it. The board is stable, complete, and stained in black color, which does not block the view of your garden. The fence has been supported by a chicken wire, which will prevent any insects from coming in your garden and give it a modern, simple yet elegant look.

2. One Door

One Door

You can have a beautiful fence for your garden, which not only outlines your garden’s view but also features a gate. Take your fence game one step further by building a garden door that will hold your fence, and now you will not need to jump over your fence if something drops. This garden door is something not many people have installed, but it looks fantastic.

3. Pop-Up fence

Pop-Up fence

You can quickly build this fence in a couple of minutes; all you need is lumber, bright colors, and love. Fix the lumber as you want and paint them with bright colors, keep it straight or make some patterns as you like. You can paint your fence with mixed colors too. It is going to add a pop-up effect in your garden.

4. Basket Style

Basket Style

If you wish to have this type of fence in your yard, you need to buy green woods, which means that are freshly cut and bent. And most importantly, they need to belong and thin branches. Then you can use these branches to create a basket just as shown in the picture. It will look like a giant nest and is great for your backyard.

5. Recycled Fence

Recycled Fence

Do you have leftover, uncut timber of some old DIY project? Do not toss it off; never toss it off; instead, use them as your fence. Nowadays, uncut patterns, mismatched designs are loved by people, and they use it in their daily life, be it in clothing or anything else. It looks beautiful as it is too, or you can paint over them as you like.

6. Quilted Square

Quilted Square

Just looking at this fence is so mesmerizing. Have your veggie patch that is big enough? Use quilted designs on this square-shaped fence. Neither does it obstruct the view of your beautiful vegetables, but it also gives your yard a beautiful, textured edge.

7. Dreamy Gates

Dreamy Gates

Old stuff is generally thrown out or is never used. What you can do is transform them into something dreamy and beautiful, just like this old gate has been. Imagine people coming in your yard and being amazed just by the entrance, wouldn’t you feel good about the work you did on that?

8. Flowery Fence

Flowery Fence

Want to add something to your regular, wooden fence? Create another garden. That is right, creating a beautiful, mixed colored flower bed outside your garden not only gives it a beautiful edge but also prevents critters from coming it.

9. Do It the Log Style

Do It the Log Style

Everyone has plenty of logs kept in the corner of their warehouse. Why do not use them in creating a fence? It is relatively easy to make, does not need many pieces of equipment, and is just a matter of time. Let us get logging.

10. Wood Plank Fence

Wood Plank Fence

Can’t you look at this beautiful fence for hours? It is structured, neatly finished, even provides a walking area for whoever wishes to go inside. A thick bottom layer is added so that critters do not come in, and the rest of the fence is wired.

11. Stone Fence

Stone Fence

Just like in the above fence gate idea, replace the wood with stones, and build a beautiful long fence. The wooden beams support them above, while the stones give it a natural and wild texture. If you have a stone-based item earlier, which now you wish to change, and then instead of destroying that stone texture, you can build a fence just on top of it.

12. Pallets All the Way

Pallets All the Way

Pallet texture is quite famous these days, be it in tiles or as a fence like this. This fence is low built to support a small veggie patch, but it looks just as impressive. The gates in this picture are also made from recycled pallets. The wood is one material which can be used again and again.

13. Old Is Gold

Old Is Gold

Your basic garden may seem a bit old and rustic, but you can always have a new addition to it. Just build a regular log style fence but do not change your wood. Leave it just as it is, and it will automatically change its color to grey. Do not forget your chicken wire too.

14. Lay It on The Ground

Lay It on The Ground

It would help if you dug out a shallow area for this garden fence idea. After that, you can outline your fence with square posts of green color or any that you like. Wrap in the chicken wire, and you are good to go.

15. Back to Basics

Back to Basics

There is nothing good like a basic model of everything converted into something new. Create a basic wooden fence with wires. Make it simple, with no paint or pattern or designs. Just apply a nice coat of shine to it and voila.

16. Split-Rail Design

Split-Rail Design

Use the raw wood as your base and stain them while keeping its natural look intact. Use the black colored iron gate to give it a wild and bold color. The gate is made to prevent animals from coming in or going out.

17. Eclectic Garden Door

Eclectic Garden Door

This little garden is encircled with a fence, making it eclectic. You do not need to add something harsh or uneven. This fence is simple, classy, and elegant. The wide, large, and flat stones give it a beautiful texture.

18. Front Gate

Front Gate

This fence gate with ironwork is classic and very elegant, while the adjoining walls provide it a raw and subtle look so that the gate comes out more openly. Keeping lamps on both ends of the wall gives it a vintage look, and the covered roof also provides excellent shelter.

19. Keeping It Low

Keeping It Low

The Black and white texture looks good on each and everything. This little white gate looks very pretty with the iron fences alongside it. This fence gate idea is excellent for flower beds or small veggie patches.

20. Ornamental Tree Gate

Ornamental Tree Gate

This impressive iron gate featuring a tree along the hillside is something very exquisite. This structure is rarely seen on someone’s yard, but the ironwork details that are added into making this a beautiful tree are commendable. What lies beyond is a must-see for everyone.

21. Vintage Gate

Vintage Gate

Having cutouts in your fence gates were a major beauty item in vintage times. Bring that element into your modern fence with different cutouts, including spades, hearts, and keyholes. The older the wood is, the more vintage feels it will give to the gate.

22. Impressive Security

Impressive Security

Make the entrance of your home as structured and secure as possible. Your guests will feel like they have entered some celerity’s yard. Security gates like these offer protections and give a simplistic look.

23. Enter the Holidays

Enter the Holidays

Convert your simple wrought iron gate design and add beautiful holiday and artsy pieces on it, making it holiday-ready. For Christmas, add these big and beautiful wreaths as a warm welcome sign to your beautiful yard.

24. Cottage Garden Gate

Cottage Garden Gate

Remembering the days of Early English times, this delightful garden has been given the support of a delightful gate. Use raw woods, wrought iron, and stone to give this gate a perfect look for the little garden inside of it. Opening the gates will leave you to a lush garden filled with beautiful flowers all around.

25. Metal Gate

Metal Gate

The guests and the people passing by will just be impressed by this magnificent gate and its details as much as we are. This metal gate is all about the details, and why will not it be when it looks this good. The forged metal in these gates depicts fabulous colors and designs, and the green plants alongside them provide a more natural look.


These 25 fence gate ideas are perfect if you have a big, small, or an average size garden. Whether you wish to grow veggie patches or flower beds, these gates provide a structure and edge to your garden with its simple, modern, artsy, and creative looks.

Sandy Jensen
Sandy Jensen is the founder of OrganizeWithSandy and Works with Champalimaud Design where she curates and creates fresh ideas for designing and styling your life.

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