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15 Inspiring Balcony Garden Ideas That are a Must!

15 Inspiring Balcony Garden Ideas That are a Must!

Being surrounded by lush green plants gives your mind a sense of peacefulness. A walk in the park in the evening is the perfect time to reflect on things after a hectic day. But going to the park is not feasible every day.

With all the unfortunate things happening around the world right now, there is not enough time to give ourselves the security and calm that we deserve. It is the perfect time to amp up your bland balcony into a backyard of your dreams!

Some of the Best Balcony Garden Ideas

1. Colour Scheme

This is the first step to any balcony makeover. Since you want the colors of the plants and flowers to pop out, it is always better to go with a neutral tone. Some earthy, landscape color palettes, or even the trendy pastel ones, there are many color boards to choose from.

2. Redecorating Walls

There is an empty wall, and you can’t decide what to do with it. An empty wall is like a blank canvas, and you can have fun with it however you like. You can hire a painter to paint something relevant with your theme, or if you are an artist enough, paint it yourself. There are also lots of wall stickers available in the market or on e-commerce websites.

3. Enhance with planters:

Having colorful and dainty indoor plant hangers changes the whole look of your balcony. Planters come in diverse shapes and sizes. You can either hang it from the ceiling above or paint it as you like. And not just the ceiling, there are fence planters, fancy planters which you can fix on the wall. These are specifically wall planters and usually have an iron base.

4. Get a Grass Carpet

Prepping up the walls, but do not forget about the floor of your balcony. It needs the same kind of attention. In the market, you will find loads of options to choose from. The most popular one is the fake grass carpet. These are very easy to place on the floor, and they have holes on their backside for water to easily seep out.

If you get bored and want something different, they can be easily removed as well. They usually have double-sided tape on the sides to ensure they do not move around with the motion of people. A solid-colored rug looks no less than a grass one. What better way to cover up your floor with dirty, stubborn marks?

5. DIY Existing Things

We always have knicks and knacks lying around the house. We either end up throwing them or giving it away—things like an old metal trunk or a plastic tub which are easily found around the house. Try to pick up such antiques lying around and give them a new image by either oil or spray painting them. You can also glue jute ropes to give them a bohemian look. Another trendy thing which you can make your own is diy tower garden which looks adorable.

6. Small Furniture

Who said planning a garden balcony only means getting plants? A cute bench or a cozy small sofa can get up your game on so many levels. Getting a wooden lawn seat might perfectly match your aesthetic. Try out some cushions with contrasting colors to your color scheme and place it on your bench or sofa. It can be your little corner where you can work and watch the sunset at the same time. Sounds like a catch.

7. The Flora

Here comes the main focal point of our little project. Depending on the size of your balcony, you can opt for plants that suit and complete your little garden.

· If you have too much work on your hand with little attention to give to these little guys, then you can go for some fake, but not tacky, plants, and a few succulents. Succulents are usually indoor plants but can fit wholly in your balcony. These include cactus, Jade plants, and Houseleek. Try to plant these in a portable planter as they don’t need too much direct sunlight.

· Another such plant is a Devil’s Ivy, commonly known as a money plant. This particular plant is a climber and would look splendid if hanged from the ceiling.

· Artificial or faux plants in spiral shapes that cover the side of the walls or in the corner give an elegant look to your balcony. Fake plants with fake water droplets on them or glossy ends are a big no-no. You certainly do not want to give a shabby image to your small garden.

8. Multi-Purpose Plants

There is no rule that you must have plants which only look good or have beautiful flowers. On the railings of your balcony, you can fix a small wooden crate and place herbs like oregano, basil, rosemary, thyme, or even chili plants. These plants need proper amounts of sunlight so that this place will get you the most out of them.

9. Sneak in Some Storage Space

If your balcony is not too small and lies between average to big, then there is a brilliant way to use it more than a garden. The benches or seats that you are planning to have in your balcony can also serve as a storage space.

You can ask your carpenter to make your bench such that the seat opens with an inside cavity. There are always things piling up and collecting out of nowhere, so having some extra space is a cherry on top.

10. Utilize Walls to the Most

Apart from painting your walls, you can also add some wooden crates or a ledge and use it to store books or maybe a small plant. These wooden crates are inexpensive and can be found at any food stall or a rag store. Do not forget to apply Wood PU to the crates to give it an extra shine and elegance. You can leave it as it is to give an edgy look, or you can also paint it to match your color scheme.

11. Vertical Garden

Vertical gardens are much in trend because they are sustainable and save up space for more use. You can always order vertical gardening pots from online stores, but you can also DIY it. Buy some wooden crates or which are cheap and take the pieces of wood apart.

You can make it into any size you want by drilling just a few holes. Painting them with oil paints will give more structure. A ladder can also be used for the same. With a few colorful flowering plants, this vertical garden will spark up your balcony garden.

12. Cozy up with a Swing

To give an extra touch of snug and comfy feeling, you can add a swing set or a reclining chair. If you cannot drill up holes on the ceiling, there are stand swing sets also available. Add a cute cushion and maybe a small blanket, and you have your me-time. You tucked up in the blanket with a cup of steaming hot chocolate on a not too chilly night, looking at the stars and city lights. Tell me something better.

13. Jazz up with Some Lights

How to make your garden balcony look pleasing in the daylight has been said, but you can give it the same appeal when the sunsets. Hook up some string led lights on the walls. You can also attach smart lights where you can control the color of the lights on your phone.

And not just string lights, you can place some scented candles or beautiful hanging light. You could even acquire a piece of handmade custom light art to display proudly at night and make your balcony stand out to passers-by. If you have a textured wall, try to get your hands on some rubber glue. These will stick to any kind of surface and will help the hooks to keep them in place. These small elements in your balcony will sharpen the whole look.

14. Garden Decor

Home decor these days iswidespread. And so is the garden decor. Small statues or sculptures, wind chimes, or maybe a decent terracotta hanging are just to name a few. There are also unique designs available in clay pots. The most common one is a full pot in which you can fill water and add some floating candles. Awaken the experimental side of you and paint some rocks to give it your touch.

15. Bird House

Have a few pieces of wood lying around? Get some nails and a hammer and make a birdhouse. In this way, there will be birds chirping happily around your balcony with the new home you just gave them. A minimalist but cute with fresh colors birdhouse might just change your balcony garden.

Final Words

With these ideas, you can modify and convert your boring plain balcony to the garden of your dreams. The materials used are very cheap and can be easily found in local stores and nurseries. This garden balcony can also pose as a place for a small get together.

All you need is to be consistent with watering your plants and take care of their needs. They need as much attention as you give for your wellbeing. Our Mother Earth needs more plants anyway, and this is just a good reason.

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